Review of Stariver Circuits Group

Originally established in 1998, Stariver Circuits Group is a leading PCB manufacturing (PCB), PCB assembly (PCBA), and electronics manufacturing (EMS) company based in Shenzhen that has had an amazing development from its roots to its present state today. Stariver primarily began as a trading company with only four people but quickly built up to build their first plant in Shenzhen in 2005. Currently, Stariver has multiple branch plants and corporate offices in Fujian, Huangshi, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Furthermore, with over 1200 employees and more than 700 million in sales last year, it continues Stariver’s growth towards the future where further cooperation with its customers, partners, and staff will occur more frequently. This will establish a solid path to tackle the incoming obstacles along the way.


Stariver’s services, Stariver focuses on professional, high-quality work while serving customers well, and this has been done by gaining full compliance and certifications for CE, RoHS, ISO9001, etc. You can have a look at more of their quality certificates and equipment used by clicking here. They also have full capability to produce 2-12 layers of small to large quantity PCB orders while serving you, as the customer, with the best service possible.

​​In addition to Stariver’s PCB production services, Stariver offers an amazing electronics component sourcing service to assemble your PCB according to your personal preference. They have various personnel with decades of experience to source your components. Stariver offers a wide variety of active and passive components at your disposal with brands including Samsung, NXP, Microchip, Texas Instruments, etc. All items purchased by Stariver are guaranteed to be originally sourced from licensed distributors, ensuring quality and safety with your product. Whether your PCB requires through-hole or surface mount component assembling, Stariver has 4 SMT lines that can produce 1,090,000 points a day from small to medium batches in a short time only. Additionally, to guarantee the top quality which Stariver brings, their services, process control, and quality control systems are regularly audited and maintained, especially when dealing with its PCBA service.

​​For Stariver’s PCB manufacturing service, you can either select the Standard or Advanced package where their capabilities differ from each other slightly. Still, it all depends on your project and capacity, which you require to manufacture. The capabilities of Stariver’s production, including Standard and Advanced package, are listed here


If you are interested, you can look at Stariver’s PCB production process, which shows what every PCB undergoes before it is done, by clicking on the link here. Their website displays a diagram accompanied by multiple images to individually walk you through each of the20 steps completed from start to finish.

For Stariver’s EMS service, there aren’t any package options like with the PCB service, as it purely depends on your PCB order and the quantity, type, and price of its components, but here are the process capabilities for the EMS service.

PCB_manufacturing flow

If you are interested, you can have a quick glimpse at Stariver’s EMS process, which shows how your components are assembled before it is completely done by clicking on the link here. Their website displays a diagram accompanied by multiple images to individually walk you through each of the 17 steps completed from start to finish.

Speaking of their website, Stariver Circuit’s intuitive site provides enough information for you to receive a brief overview of every aspect of their company. You can also receive a quote on your PCB order with their site by uploading a Gerber file, filling in your desired PCB details, and giving your contact information by going to this page with the link here. Their website is perfect for finding out more information regarding specific details about all of their services and any particular details you have questions about. A unique feature of their website is that it has a News page regularly updated by the Stariver staff to fill you in on the latest news regarding their company, PCB design tips, issues that one may face, etc. A business performance map is also exhibited on Stariver’s website, displaying the international relationships that Stariver has with other nations’ markets. They have a certain marketing strategy of not doing business only domestically, but globally. You can see this map by clicking here.

​Finally, in terms of contacting Stariver for any inquiries or questions you may have, their support team is amicable and responsive. They are very active on email and their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). For more urgent inquiries or requests, you can call them via their phone numbers as listed on their website.

With all of this said, I do highly recommend Stariver Circuit for your next project when you require PCB manufacturing and assembly as they can provide competitive, affordable prices while ensuring high-quality products customized to your preference. Click here to check out Stariver Circuit’s website!

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