Responsibilities Of AngularJS Development Company

Hello, developers! AngularJS remains the top framework for a really long time. If you are interested in getting a job in an AngularJS development company but aren’t really aware of its responsibilities, this article may be useful for you. Or if you are in search of a good front-end company and want to know more about what you will be offered – stay with me.


In the next 5 minutes, I will give you a short guide concerning companies’ duties towards clients so that you could create a more clear picture of your future job. Be attentive and let’s go.

AngularJS: brief exposition of the framework

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework used for developing web applications. The framework uses the MVC pattern and is considered to be open source. The framework allows you to develop one-way browser applications and provides facilities for simplified testing.

In 2009, programmers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons developed AngularJS. The framework was originally developed as data storage software. However, the developers later abandoned this idea. Angular was open source and released to the public. Today, Hevery and other Google employees continue to work on the framework.


The main features of Angular JS include:

  • Dynamically changing interface elements;
  • Support for animations and templates;
  • Support for Ajax functionality;
  • DOM structure support;
  • Compatible with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc .;
  • Two-way data binding can free up server space;
  • By changing the amount of code, the framework eliminates templating;
  • Unit testing function;
  • When the framework is loaded, the DOM tree and code are converted to an angular application;
  • Converting data to arrays;
  • Communication with REST API;
  • Configuring URL access.

Comparison with other frameworks

AngularJS is often compared to Backbone.js. Both frameworks have data binding functionality. However, while the former has two-way data binding, the latter relies only on boilerplate code.

Both frameworks support REST, however AngularJS has a more flexible remote server connection service at its disposal.

It is also convenient for Angular JS to customize templates as they are a collection of HTML tags. Backbone.js uses templating.

The main differences between Angular and other front-end frameworks

Angular, like other frameworks, has a component architecture and can be plugged into any web application. These are all its similarities with other frameworks.

Angular’s goal is to extend browser-based applications based on the MVC pattern and make testing and development easier. One of the framework’s distinguishing features is the two-way data binding of field values ​​in the HTML page and the component controllers. This is helped by the modular architecture, which allows you to reuse the application code, saving development time efficiently.

A typical Angular app runs in the browser, rendering pages to the DOM in response to user input. But you can also customize the generation of static application pages, which are later loaded on the client-side. This way, the application is rendered faster, and the user can view the page before it becomes fully interactive. This approach is called SSR (Server-side rendering), and it helps to simplify further SEO optimization since search engine spiders get the correct page when indexing. Игроки могут войти прямо с нашего сайта, ссылка ведет на официальный ресурс и активное рабочее mostbet Выигрыш же можно оформить только при полностью заполненном профиле.

Angular also has a large community – so there are tons of ready-made solutions for it that you can use for your business.

When to choose AngularJS development company?

This framework is needed when developing large web applications and complex user interfaces. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently make a convenient and intuitive interface that will solve the user and business problems.

Before ordering the development of Angular applications, evaluate your task: understand how big it is and whether the development will pay off.

The code written for a web application can also be partially used to create a mobile application – Ionic can be used for development on iOS and Android, saving the budget.

A lot of companies provide services for the development of projects based on the AngularJS framework. You can always contact the company you have chosen and get professional help in developing your project in AngularJS.

Benefits of outsourcing AngularJS development company for you as the client

  • Speed

You finally have time to focus on other business activities like customer service, sales, or marketing. This means that you will be ready to launch the product almost immediately after development is complete.

  • Money savings

Research shows that businesses that outsource IT development can save up to 20% on total development costs than those who hire in-house developers.

  • Reliability

Developer outsourcing is a very competitive market. That’s why companies’ developers are constantly striving to be better. With outsourcing, you can find the best Angular developer, and if he doesn’t meet your requirements, a company can always replace him with another one.

  • Efficiency

Hiring a full-time team means you have to start a lengthy process of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and more.

When you finally decide to hire developers, you have to worry about managing them, training them, and providing them with a workspace.

When outsourcing, you have nothing to worry about. You just sign a contract and hire the best Angular developers to develop your product.

  • Scalability

With a remote team, it’s easy to scale up or down your team. You can outsource more Angular developers early on in development. Then, you can leave just a couple of programmers according to your current needs when you get into maintenance mode.

This flexibility would be much more difficult to achieve with an internal team, where performance depends on many factors.

If you are a client, this is what you have the right to get when you hire AngularJS development company:

  • personnel management;
  • calculation of the information environment budget;
  • analysis of customer and customer satisfaction;
  • development and provision of quality IT services;
  • negotiations with clients and equipment suppliers;
  • Search and assessment of innovative technologies, a proposal for their implementation;
  • determination of terms of work on IT-projects;
  • implementation of the company’s IT strategy;
  • planning the effective implementation of IT projects;
  • organization of interaction of IT specialists with other employees.

When you are aware of the companies’ responsibilities towards you, you can get a good result. Thanks for showing your interest in this topic and good luck in finding your perfect AngularJS development company!

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