Peppol Norway

Norway is one of the pioneers of e-invoicing legislation and execution in Europe.

Amongst the European Countries who follow the set of standards according to the EU of Directive 2014 / 55 /  EU, the Particular country has Shown great results in practicing e-invoicing. Nowadays, electronic invoices tasks are pretty common for both B2B and B2G organizations. 


In this article, we are looking at Norway’s latest trends in terms of the e-deliverance of business documents. It will be relevant to particular recommendations in exchanging the automated electronic documents with the Norwegian parties.

Starting from 2012, it has become mandatory for businesses and government bodies to send e-invoicing. In this case, the suppliers will need to send structured electronic invoices.

Back in 2019, PEPPOL became the relevant set of standards for being compliant with the EU Norm. The B2G bodies are also within the participation. They use the peppol network in an objective to conform to the set of standards.

Nowadays, over 90 % of invoices to Norwegian public bodies, businesses, and suppliers are electronic.

Moreover, the EHF and Peppol BIS are two formats that all public bodies must read and comprehend…

For most concerned parties, it is ideal to look at the PEPPOL specifications and benefits right now before proceeding. This framework will shape the future of supply chains.

What is Peppol?

PEPPOL is a relatively new set of standards that regulate the practices of online procurement in the public domain. Therefore, this regulation set is applicable for both the private and government bodies involved in the general field.

Initially created as an EU standard set, the international network has attracted many countries outside Europe to use the particular solution. It comes with a great regulation and reliable security that allows the suppliers to exchange the business documents with every party who has joined the peppol Norway and international network.

The number of participants keeps increasing from time to time. The EU members, but the international public and private companies have also registered to their peppol AP provider to join with the particular network. This solution can open the windows of opportunities for every business to get involved in the global market.

The PEPPOL solution was introduced many years ago. However, its effective practices have only been realized from 2019, reaching the peak in early 2020 when the pandemic struck the world. There are many good reasons to root the people’s opinion of slating the PEPPOL as a new global standard. One of the sensible reasons is that it allows the local business in Norway to use the peppol services to compete in the international market.

Optimizing e-procurement in Norway

E-procurement has been a challenging task for many businesses in European countries. The complicated regulations due to the geographical and political factors make the common organizations and private bodies need to work around the long and tedious procedure.

But the peppol services in Norway have made it simpler.

Norwegian eProcurement is relying on Peppol BIS 3 . 0 Standard and eDelivery Network.

Not only for the local transactions, but the practices within the peppol network are also applicable for the global transactions.

Therefore, those who want to comply with the Norwegian regulations will need to connect to the trustworthy peppol access point provider.

The good thing about this solution is that different parties shouldn’t link to the same service supplier to comply with the appropriate regulation. Rather the transactions will be guided by the Peppol itself. The job of the AP provider is to relay the particular organizations to the applicable network of the solution.

Which countries use Peppol?

There are a lot of countries that have been participating in the peppol solutions. Besides Norway, 37 attendees are verified, OpenPeppol participants. So far, 38 countries apply the same framework. Thirty-one of them are from Europe. That is a rational number because everything starts from a particular continent.

The other countries outside Europe are Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, the US, and South Africa.

There are 15 formal Peppol authorities spread around those countries. To see the details of the authorities and their contacts, you could take a look at the official sites of Peppol.

Norway has authority also confirmed the responsibilities. In the country, the power that supervises the practices of e-invoices is the Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management.

For the countries that have applied to the framework but have no authority, OpenPeppol also has an interim choice. Every entity in the particular region can also take part in the peppol network.

Which companies take part in the Peppol network? 

The official who has confirmed became formal duty is Difi, the Norwegian Agency for Public Management and e-Government. The particularly concerned party is responsible for authorizing the collection of access points and managing the Service Metadata Publisher registry.

The first thing to know is that the registry contains the identities. It also works as the facility for government and private bodies to exchange documents and conduct other types of business communication.

How do I connect to Peppol?

To link to the peppol network, one must contact the peppol access point provider to provide a reliable peppol access point.

Once the connection is established, the participant ID is ready to send and receive the particular paperwork to and from the partner of choice. If your company has connected to a certain AP, you can rest assured to make the exchange with the other parties without any hassle. Keep in mind that the other parties in contact have also joined with the Peppol AP, although they use different providers ‘ peppol services.

Although access can be granted from a particular AP, not all providers are equal. It is important to reach out to a trustworthy and reliable provider so that you will get the best value for your money. To find out more information about peppol services, consider reaching out to Galaxy GW now.

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