Our Favorite CBD Flavors

CBD Flavors are available in a range of varieties. You can buy anything from a mint-flavored CBD Topical cream to a lemongrass CBD Oil. With such a large inventory, you’re spoilt for choices.


CBD products can be bought in creams, ointments, bath salts, tinctures, oil, capsules, gummies, etc. And all of these products are available in multiple exciting flavors. You can even get your blends of flavors by asking your cannabis dispensary.

This post will help you choose the best CBD flavors for various products you can enjoy right now!

Best CBD Flavors

We tried out a range of CBD products in some flavors listed on some of the best cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp and compiled this list. This thorough list provides you with a list of the Best CBD Flavors in 2022. So read on!

Top CBD Cream Flavors

CBD Creams are topical solutions that can help improve certain aspects of your health that will fit right in your skin care regimen!
You can inculcate them in your daily skincare routine or your post-workout routine. Like other cannabis products like delta 8 carts, these can can be bought from dispensaries near you.

1. Menthol

The cooling freshness of menthol is precisely what you require in a situation of joint pain. It will be absorbed by your body, seeping into the depths of your muscles. This cream flavor is renowned for its cooling properties. An ache heats your muscles, a menthol-flavored cream leaves your muscles feeling cool and relaxed.

Product To Buy: CBD Cream For Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula 500-3000mg

CBDFx’s CBD cream is a new formulation provided by CBDFx. The CBD, in combination with menthol and white willow barks, provides immense muscle relief.

2. Green Apple

Coming in the tantalizing scent of Green Apple, a tantalizing green apple-flavored CBD cream would rehydrate your skin and leave you smelling fresh as an orchard. This freshness would be envied by other people, so what’s stopping you from buying a CBD Cream in the Green Apple Flavor?

Product To Buy: Apple Green Muscle Relief Cooling Cream

This CBD cream is made from organic CBD, which is farmed in Colorado, USA. The Full Spectrum CBD extract in the cream will heal you through the entourage effect. The ingredients present in the CBD cream are 100% natural food-grade ingredients free from any kind of plasticizers, artificial preservatives, and synthetic ingredients. It is free of toxins and gluten. The cream contains less than 0.3% THC.

Top CBD Oil Flavors

CBD Oils are used in everything! From soaps to cooking oils, their multitude of benefits has a variety of ways to be consumed. 

1. Canna Flavor

The delicious canna flavor will bring you back to your earthly roots. The rustic flavor has a soothing natural flavor for those canna-enthusiasts who love everything cannabis!


This product is available in two sizes and contains a special formulation that combines the effects of CBD and Delta 8. The potency of the dose is enough to give you the beneficial effects of CBD and Delta 8 without getting you stoned!

2. Skittles Flavor

Loved candy as a child? Do you still do? Then you have an amazing offering in the form of Candy/skittles flavored CBD oils! Get an amazing blast of candy-flavored goodness from CBD oral tinctures!

Product To Buy: Isolate CBD Oil Tincture

Made from organically grown hemp with negligible THC levels, Kanibi’s CBD Oil Tincture is a perfect solution for those who love Candy Flavored CBD oil.  While making the oil, CO2 technology is used in addition to double laboratory testing to give you only the cleanest and safest product.

Top CBD Tea Flavors

CBD tea

CBD Tea is a blessing for those who love to have tea. CBD Tea is just like your normal tea. Usually available in tea bags, you can buy CBD Tea online or in your nearest cannabis dispensary.

1. Chamomile Flavor

Chamomile is a natural extract from the chamomile flavor. It has a sweet flowery scent that encapsulates the user. With its many benefits, the most talked about is sound sleep at night. Chamomile can also help relieve anxiety, and combined with CBD, who knows what it will do!

Product To Buy: CBD Chamomile Blend

Buddha Teas brings you a novel offering in terms of a CBD Chamomile Blend. This tea has combined the benefits of several helpful herbs. With lemon balm and a hint of lavender, they add 5mg of CBD, pesticide-free. This tea has been tested for THC and does not contain any of it.

2. Lemon Flavor

Lemon Tea is known worldwide for its refreshing effects. One drink with a scoop of honey will relieve the hardest of sore coughs and leave your throat with a calm feeling. Lemon-flavored tea is best for those who are going through a cold and their runny nose won’t just stop.

Product To Buy: CBD Lemon & Ginger Tea Bags

Candid brings CBD Lemon & Ginger Tea Bags, made from the choicest Lemon and Gingers. This aromatic blend is enough to invigorate you in those early lazy mornings. The punch of ginger combined with the zeal of lemon is the perfect morning kickstart combination you can enjoy daily. CBD present in the blend is there for your everyday wellness needs.


1. Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

Only pure CBD isolate won’t make you fail a drug test. Others might if they contain small quantities of THC in any form. So, if you’re worried about an upcoming drug test, you’re best advised to avoid full-spectrum CBD products.

2. Is CBD safe to apply to the skin?

Yes, CBD is safe on the skin. You won’t face any reactions from CBD. If you’re susceptible to allergies, you can take advice from your dermatologist. You can also conduct a patch test before applying the CBD topical

3. Are CBD products artificially flavored?

It depends on the company which is making the product. Usually, most companies use natural flavoring substances. You should check with your cannabis dispensary or look up cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp, which brands use artificially flavored CBD products.

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