Old good AVR delay loop generator program

This is not a new program, but I decided to add it here because I found it very handy in many cases while developing ASM programs.

This small program generates delay loops for ATMEL AVR controllers. It’s multilingual – for now, it supports English and German languages. You can change the program’s GUI language by clicking on one of the flags.

The program can generate really long delays. I have tried to enter like the 60s for 16MHz – the code generated without problem

To generate a delay loop in ASM source code just follow the steps in the left part of the window

  • Enter the number of cycles of the delay loop. You cannot enter the delay time in seconds as the author promised to implement this feature in the future.
  • Click the GO-Button
  • Copy the source to your ClipBoard (Copy/Paste).

Watch out for register collisions in your ASM source! If they are used, save values in the stack before or select different ones.

An update! It appears that only a third party web version of the tool is available. A link to a web-based delay loop generator

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