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New technologies that revolutionize online gaming

Gaming industry has evolved significantly during past years. There are many reasons why gaming is more and more exiting. All this bundles in to technological progress starting with more powerful hardware capable of processing impressive graphics, new appearing technologies like virtual reality (VR) gear and of course constantly evolving internet platforms. Sometimes it even seems that you do not need powerful equipment to play exiting games since they are hosted online.

The most progressing area is a mobile gaming. Everyone carries a smart phone so it is possible to play games wherever and whenever you want. You can play your favorite games while traveling to work, school or home. No additional time is wasted and boring time is passed with pleasure. Smart phones are powerful enough to run sophisticated 3D games having fine graphics. With available internet connection, you can play online games like Roulette on the go. No need to sit by desktop or laptop to enjoy.

Computer and mobile gaming capabilities are great today, but what’s next? What we are having now is rather not a revolution, but more a gradual evolution. VR gaming lifts us to next level, but again this is another way of displaying 3D environment that gives better experience. Yet VR devices are still struggling with resolution problem – a display close to your eyes requires significantly higher resolution to avoid mesh-grid effect. In addition, in order to have great experience with VR devices there is a need of physical interaction with objects in virtual world. You would want to move with your legs, touch things and get feedback. Many solutions are still in experimental stage but there is still lots of work to be done to make it great. There is a lot of engineering involved including chemical to give smell and scents.

Augmented reality is probably closer to that what we would like to see in future, especially in mobile gaming. Pokémon Go was a great attempt to revolutionize the way of gaming that really spiked everyone’s interest, but have died after some time. This is probably due to poor game design, the risks that were not predicted. It was new experience and people loved it. There is potential in this area, because unlike the VR alone, in augmented reality you can interact with real physical objects, move around freely and have additional elements like score boards, effects, characters and other objects generated like they are here. Even simplest table games with augmented reality would definitely give great experience, especially when playing with friends.

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