Need for PMI PMP Certbolt Certification – Overview and Benefits

In the current market scenario, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the most-in-demand and globally-recognized accreditation for project managers, irrespective of any industry. This highly preferred badge is offered by a U.S.-based non-profit professional organization, namely the PMI (Project Management Institute), and can be achieved once you complete the namesake assessment.

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As per the vendor’s research, nearly 33% of project managers in various industries are PMP certbolt certified, which gives them leverage against their non-certified peers. So, does this fact make you strive for getting PMP accredited? If so, let’s then dive deeper into the details of this credential and its associated PMP Certification Dumps exam.

PMP Eligibility Criteria

To start with, the PMP certification is open for all those project managers who have prior experience in handling all aspects of projects successfully in their respective organizations. However, to become a PMP-certified professional, you need to fulfill certain prerequisites first and apply for the certification assessment. And if you are wondering what these requirements are, they are as follows:

  • Secondary degree in the form of a diploma from High School or an Associate’s degree;
  • 5-year experience of leading projects;     
  • 35 hours of project management formal education or the CAPM badge.


  • 4-year Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent;
  • 3 years of relevant experience in leading projects;  
  • Attending 35 hours of project management training or the PMP Project Management Certification.

When it comes to the fee to enroll in the PMP test, for the PMI non-members, it stands at $555; however, this price gets reduced to $405 if you are a member of the PMI.

What Does PMP Test Assess?

If you comply with the PMP requirements and target to nail such an assessment in the initial try, you must, in the first place, get to know its domains to the tiniest details. Thus, this accreditation assesses whether the applicants acquired the skillsets on the following five fields regarding the stages of project creation such as:

  • Initiation (13%);
  • Planning (24%);
  • Execution (31%);
  • Control and Monitoring (25%);
  • Completion (7%).

PMP Exam Process

Once you are determined to sit for the PMP assessment, you need to follow the below-mentioned process to schedule your test:

  1. Register for becoming a PMI member. Though it is not mandatory to be a PMI member to get the PMI PMP credential, it is always beneficial to become one, as it reduces the fee of this exam by $150 and gives you a chance to build a better network with PMP pros worldwide.
  2. Prepare for the upcoming test utilizing different prep options like completing the 35-hour PMP training course.
  3. Submit your PMP application online.
  4. Schedule your PMP test with You are allowed to appear for this exam within a year of your application’s approval, and the maximum number of attempts during the one-year eligibility period is three times.
  5. Take the PMP assessment, and as soon as you complete it successfully, you will acquire the PMP badge.

Benefits of Possessing PMP Certification       

As you can see, the PMI PMP credential is both expensive and time-consuming. But it provides a lot of professional benefits to the accredited members, which makes all your effort worth it. According to the vendor survey, project managers with the PMP ExamSnap Project generally earn 20% more than their non-certified peers and earn $106,234 yearly as per This accreditation works as a testimonial of your abilities, skills, and expertise to manage any project professionally and sets you apart from other candidates in your area of competence. Overall, having such a prestigious credential provides you with better career opportunities, bigger pay-checks, a larger professional network, and higher industry recognition.


If you are a project manager with some years of relevant work experience and dreaming of accelerating your career to a completely new level, you should opt for this valuable PMI PMP certbolt certification. We understand that the prerequisites and the domains for its related exam are difficult to comply with and study, but once you earn this badge, it will get you an array of benefits!

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