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Multiple Benefits of Using AidaForm

Online forms are pretty simple to make. They take less time to create and are hassle-free. They are convenient, save your time and you can use any template you like in order to jazz up your form, as per the layout and design of your website. You can use an online form for various purposes: for seeking customer feedback, for making a list of candidates for hiring purposes, contact us form, to seek popular opinion regarding certain choices and so on.

This article offers a brief review of one such popular online form building platform. AidaForm Online Form Builder is one of the most effective form building platforms that are available. It is a readymade, pre-customized, user-friendly and free online form builder where you can create your own forms for your website. You do not need to know the intricacies of HTML coding to create these forms. All you have to do is to use AidaForm efficiently and voila! Your work will be done.

Customizing forms is easy

AidaForm offers you a wide variety of templates to choose from. If you are looking for a simple consumer preference form, one for survey or even a form for an online poll, there are multiple templates that you can make use of. It even allows you to use blank forms, if you are unsure about the kind of template that you want to go in for. Thus, AidaForm helps you customize your forms with any desired layout. You can add all the standard fields like names and contact details of customers, text or other files. You can also upload various files, create multiple choice questions in case of poll forms and design various other drop-down lists simply by dragging and dropping.

Easy form sharing

AidaForm also helps you to share the files without any hassle. It itself creates the HTML code that is required to put up the form on your website. You can also share the form that you created on multiple social media platforms in order to increase the reach. You do not have to pay additional costs or set up additional server integrations for the sharing of forms across platforms. AidaForm will take care of all the sharing processes.

Sends notification for each submission

With AidaForm, there is no need for you to check your dashboard for each time that you get a new response. Rather, AidaForm will itself send notifications to your account the moment there is a new submission.

The Advantages of Using AidaForm

Say Goodbye to Coding!

You do not have to use any cumbersome coding techniques to help create forms. Rather, AidaForm will help you create forms without the need for any coding.

Helps in email marketing

AidaForm seamlessly integrates with another e-marketing tool, MailChimp. By linking your AidaForm and MailChimp accounts, you will be able to gather all email IDs that you collect through your AidaForm online forms and then send targeted emails to these IDs, thereby helping in email marketing.

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