Men’s Residential Drug Rehab

Drug abuse doesn’t discriminate among men and women. Although both genders can suffer from an addiction disorder, both gender benefit from different treatment approaches. And, the specific-gender treatment seems to be highly effective.

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Guys have their own specific needs when it comes to rehab. This mostly has to do with stereotypes and cultural roles. A guy wouldn’t just freely walk into a rehab center for help. This is primarily a result of fear. They fear being judged. 

However, gender-specific rehab centers help their clients feel more comfortable. They help them feel accepted and provide the proper treatment to them. You can find the cost of residential drug rehab in Ohio less expensive than in some cities. But if you do your research correctly, you should find one with the right expertise. 

Guys often need more time to open up and share their troubles. This isn’t at all the case for females. Ladies are known to share and express their concerns with little fear of being judged. This is the reason why special rehab services are provided to men. This tends to be more helpful and give better results.

Rehab for guys caters specifically to man’s psychological and emotional needs. This helps them better respond to their treatment. In short, they will reap benefits when rehab programs are tailored to them.

What Prompts a Man to Start Using Drugs and Alcohol?

Several reasons make a man develop drug addiction. These reasons tend to be different from that of a woman. At the beginning stage, guys start using drugs because of what they hope to gain. These include having a good time, having ultimate pleasure during sex, getting away from reality, and increasing work time.

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A guy tends to use drugs for:

  • Recreation
  • To improve work performance
  • Medically to fight depression and anxiety
  • Medically to help chronic pain
  • To improve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Research tells us that males are likely to use drugs than females. Also, they are likely to do so much earlier in life.

Using drugs socially is okay for a man’s health. However, when it becomes a routine, it changes everything. Misuse of medications can affect the health both long and short term.

The short-term health effects include:

  • Insomnia
  • Change in appetite
  • Increased heart rate
  • Altered cognitive ability
  • Loss of coordination
  • Slurred speech

Drug misuse can also affect a man’s health beyond the physical. Guys who suffer addiction might experience:

  • Relationship problems
  • Poor work ethic
  • Poor academic performance
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Less interest in known enjoyable activities
  • Noticeable changes in appearance
  • Less interest in personal hygiene

Chronic drug use can affect a person’s brain function. This then results in long-term psychological effects. These includes:

  • Panic disorders
  • Paranoia
  • Heightened aggression
  • Hallucinations
  • Memory loss

The reason why the male folk tends to use drugs is quite many. And when addiction kicks in, it can alter his quality of life. For this reason, men’s residential drug rehab is needed. Besides that, a support group can also help to improve their mental health. This provides specific treatment tailored to solve a guy’s addiction. You can check this website for more tips on how to curb addiction. 

The Benefits of Men’s Residential Drug Rehab

Having a specific treatment tailored to gender is highly beneficial. This is because both genders have different reasons to use drugs or alcohol. Also, both genders respond differently to therapy.

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Research shows that female folks are more successful in therapy than the male. This is because guys need to address other issues as well. These issues can be in the form of anger management, relationship problems, and lack of interest.

Guys also enter into therapy later than ladies. This can, in turn, affect the recovery time. Keep in mind that gender-specific treatment doesn’t guarantee 100% recovery. However, it provides significant advantages. These are the benefit of rehab centers for men:

Allows for Comfort

A guy is more comfortable seeing other guys like him in a program. This better helps him develop trust and bond. He begins to open up to his fellow mates. He begins to gain confidence and binds with his fellow mates.

When comfortable, a guy can discuss better without the fear of being judged. He gets to open up about

  • Sex
  • Relationship
  • General feelings
  • Relationship with parents and other family members
  • Control
  • Habits
  • Fears

Allows for Less Judgment

A gender-specific rehab allows for less judgment. A man will feel less judged seeing his fellow gender in a group. When there isn’t a woman present, it can be easier to talk. It gets easier to share their secrets and reasons to abuse drugs. 

They open up about their feelings after using drugs or alcohol. They share moments when they have been hostile after using drugs or alcohol. There are tips on this link for how to cope with mental health issues from drug abuse. 

There isn’t any Expectation to be Strong or Tough

Guys feel the need to look tough and strong when a female is present. That’s just the way it is. It is what society expects from the male folk. Society expects guys always to keep their emotions in check.

However, in a rehab center, the programs are designed specifically to share emotions. At a rehab center designed for guys, you can expect to let emotion loose. There isn’t any expectancy to be tough and challenging. If you act this way, you will get any success. The focus here is to get better. It is to heal one’s self from addiction.

Better Communication

There is strong communication in a gender-same residential rehab. Discussing substance abuse becomes more effective. You relate your concerns, your fears, and your strength. You open up and provide better information to the therapist. This, in turn, allows the professional to offer you tailor-made packages.

Here, patients form bonds and trust. Patients talk to one another without keeping anything hidden. A group filled with only the male folk will simply provide control.

Fewer Distractions and a Higher Success Rate

In same-gender rehab, you are more focused. You are also less likely to get distracted by romantic issues.

This, in turn, allows for a better success rate. You are focused on getting better. You concentrate on your treatment packages. You form a strong bond with your therapists and fellow mates. This provides a better chance to achieve recovery.

Take Away

Men’s residential drug rehab is essential for a guy fighting addiction. It is tailor-made for him. It allows him to relax and feel free to share. In short, it allows for a better success rate.

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