Makita radio DAB in UK Planet Tools

The process of maintenance does not always appear a pleasant pastime. If the first associations that come to your head are boredom and monotony, you need to change your mind immediately. Makita radio DAB is designed to alleviate all the unpleasant moments connected with indoor and outdoor repairs. You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs, radio programs, podcasts, and whatever you want. UK Planet Tools is ready to provide you with a perfect Makita radio at an excellent price.

Makita radio DAB

Characteristics of Makita Radio DAB  

Makita DAB radio is an outstanding device used within indoor and outdoor sites. Its primary purpose is broadcasting radio programs transmitted by the UK-wide network. UK Planet Tools offers various models of high-quality Makita DABs to meet the need and desires of the most demanding customers. Depending on the model, the traits can vary and feature different options. But the essential characteristics are: 

  • Protective layer from water and dust damages 
  • The body frame made from metal and plastic 
  • Stereo system with two speakers for producing excellent sound
  • Possibility to connect the DAB to external sources 
  • Flexible antenna easily hidden inside the DAB
  • Double power source. 

Keeping in mind the above-listed features, any model of Makita DAB will turn out to be a worthy investment. Please pay attention to the Makita DAB Bluetooth radio as it provides you with the opportunity to be easily connected to any mobile device. 

The Packaging of Makita DAB 

UK Planet Tools has a wide selection of ideal options to choose from. Considering your taste and the price you are ready to pay, you may order either a radio body only or the complete set. In general, the collection includes a radio body, one or two batteries, and the same number of chargers.       

Makita radio DAB is an ideal tool to diversify the usual maintenance routine. It will undoubtedly take a distinguished position among all your devices. 

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