Kuwait jobs vacancy

If you are constantly searching for work abroad, if you do not know where better to find a vacancy, or you have already been in every place but still want to continue working in foreign countries, try working in Kuwait, and you will not regret it! Kuwait is a state located on the Persian Gulf. You will not only be able to enjoy working there, but you will have an excellent rest and the opportunity to soak up the soft beaches.

Bedouin clans founded Kuwait in the 13th century. The advantageous location on the coast of the Persian Gulf harbor made it possible to build a port here, through which coffee, pearls, spices, and even horses were exported. In 1871, Kuwait was invaded by the Ottoman Empire, and in 1899, foreign policy was taken over by Great Britain. The country gained its independence in 1961. However, in 1990, Iraq occupied Kuwait, annexing the land to its territory. A year later, the state was told about its independence and began to develop.

What should you know to live in Kuwait without problems?

  1. Despite the fact that Kuwait is an Islamic country, it is not at all necessary for women to wear a hijab, although many still adhere to traditions.
  2. Kuwait has a strict law prohibiting alcohol, for consumption they can not only write out a large fine but also deport and even sentence to three years in prison.     
  3. Disrespect and rudeness towards the emir is criminal responsibility.
  4. The responsibilities of women and men are strictly separated. Men provide for the family, women are responsible for comfort and peace in the house.

There are some strange and strict rules for life, but we assure you that this will not interfere with your livelihood.

What are the most demanded jobs in Kuwait?

Probably the following professions will always be the most popular and in-demand:

  • engineers;
  • specialists in the field of Information Communication Technology;
  • creative industry workers – managers, producers;
  • medical staff, dentists, psychologists.
  • Highly educated professionals who are able to work in projects at the intersection of different areas of knowledge, bring new ideas, find solutions, create and implement innovations in these industries are highly valued today and the demand for them will only grow in the near future.

But today there are also many Kuwait job vacancy workplaces that can be suitable almost for everyone:

Postman is an employee of the post office who delivers parcels, letters, press to addressees.

  • A watchman is a specialist who monitors the observance of public order in the territory/facility entrusted to him, prevents theft of property.
  • A nanny is usually a woman who takes care of other people’s children. A professional nanny requires a pedagogical education, but in some cases it is possible to get a job without it.
  • Cashier – an employee who is responsible for the cash register, accepts and records money in a store, restaurant, cinema or bank.
  • A sales assistant is a store employee who sells goods and services, talks about the features and benefits of the product.
  • A kindergarten teacher’s assistant (“nanny”) is a kindergarten employee who looks after children and is responsible for the cleanliness of the group.
  • Courier – an employee who delivers business correspondence, parcels, orders.
  • A loader is a worker who is responsible for loading and unloading goods.
  • Waiter is an employee of cafes, restaurants, who serves visitors at tables.
  • Construction worker – a worker who is recruited for unskilled manual labor during construction work.
  • A hostess is an employee whose tasks include meeting guests in restaurants, hotels, at large exhibitions and conferences.
  • Administrator in the office – an employee whose tasks include communicating with clients, meeting guests, as well as the material and technical equipment of the office.
  • Counselor – an employee of a children’s camp or school who is responsible for the safety and organization of children’s leisure time during the shift.

What salary can I expect in Kuwait?

In general, in Kuwait, you can earn from 890 dollars to 18 000. It will all depend on your profession, position, and work schedule, if you have one.

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