How to Win Jackpots Playing Slots Online

Progressive jackpot slots are renowned for being the best paying games in the online casino world. You could win anything from a couple of quid up to millions of dollars in prizes. Ultimately, each game has its own prizes, and the mechanism for winning those jackpots will vary. Whether you are playing a game with one prize or several, there are only so many ways you can win progressive prizes at top casinos. We’re here to introduce you to them today.

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What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpot slots are right up there with the very best games you can play at online casinos. In short, these are games that do not have fixed jackpot prizes. The amount you can win rises with each bet and will continue to do so until the top prize has been paid out. So, the big question is – how does that happen? Let’s explain.

Wining by Payline Combos

The standard way to win progressive jackpot prizes in slots is to form a winning combination on a payline. One set of symbols will be more valuable than the rest and payout the top prize. You may be required to land this on a single payline (which is tricky), or any payline will do. Moreover, some older slots require a maximum stake if you wish to be eligible to win the top prize.

Winning at Random

Winning progressive jackpot cash prizes in slots for high rollers at random is a far more modern way to go about it. Any jackpot slot that has multiple cash prizes for you to win will typically pay out its prizes at random. Generally speaking, the more you bet, the greater your chances of landing the more valuable prizes in slot games.

Winning via Bonus Rounds

Winning via bonus rounds is not as common as it used to be, but there are still ways that you can prosper via this method in jackpot slots in 2022. In these games, you will likely have to spin a money wheel or match symbols behind a hidden grid to win prizes. In some of the best paying jackpot slots, you get to play progressive jackpot bonus rounds, which are triggered at random.

Time-Based Wins

Time-based wins are popular in Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins games, but they aren’t the only software provider doing this. In short, a win will be paid out at random before the timer runs out. All you must do is play during the right interval to be in with a shout of winning. Some jackpot slots share their prize amongst any player who plays at the time the jackpot is won. These are known as community jackpot slots.

Side-Bet Jackpots

Finally, we have really old-school ways of landing wins. Playtech used to use Rollerball Jackpot features. Other dated slots may still use something similar. In short, you play a side bet (often $1), and a lottery will determine whether you have won. These mechanics have nothing to do with slot gameplay and so are neither popular nor very common in progressive jackpot slots anymore.

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