How to Use Your Writing Workspace without Discomfort

Generally, most writers and students engage in writing while sitting down except a few that prefer the standing position or lying down. In this wise, investing a considerable amount of time and money in setting up the workspace is paramount. It is an investment that you will reap the benefits immediately and later in the future. You will be grateful for making that decision. Finding the best academic writers for your papers is easier, unlike before. Consider the suggestions below for optimizing your writing workspace.



There are high-quality chairs with cushioned seats that won’t cost a fortune. Majority of writers globally spend many hours on their chairs; thus, comfort is important. The position of the armrest, backrest and seat height should be easily adjustable. When choosing a chair, go for the suitable ones for your size and fully support your spine. Get a footrest if your feet are not positioned flat on the floor. Standing up to take breaks occasionally should be observed.


It is advisable to keep the desk less cluttered by placing only necessary items on it. Sit-stand desks are now being used in various offices because sitting for a long period of time is harmful to health. These types of desks come with adjustable height to suit your preferences, and there are lots of options to choose from. Using a sit-stand desk allows the user to stand up and still be able to continue working conveniently. Another benefit is that the laptop and keyboard can be elevated or lowered without any hassles. Some experts can be consulted for suggestions on the appropriate desks and chairs that fit your needs.


Almost every writer now owns a laptop, and traditional computers are gradually going into extinction. Writing with a pen and paper is done occasionally because laptops are replacing this act. As a rule of thumb, the laptop should not be farther than arm’s length with the top of the screen either at eye level or just below it. In a situation where the desk is too low, a laptop stand can be utilized. Once in a while, take a moment to focus on other things apart from your laptop screen and blink. A timer can also serve as a reminder. This simple hack helps reduce eye strain caused by staring at a laptop screen for a long time.

Keyboard and mouse

You may decide to place a separate keyboard in a keyboard tray. Making use of a tray brings the keyboard closer and prevents straining your muscles. Utilize keyboard shortcuts to minimize dragging the mouse. Alternatively, there is a mouse that can be controlled easily with the foot.

As you work, having feelings of discomfort signifies that a well-deserved break is needed or your position needs to be adjusted. Nevertheless, these signals should not be ignored, and action must be taken promptly. Settling in a comfortable writing position will not only boost your productivity but helps to maintain sound health.

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