How To Use The Internet In Your Job Search

The days of hopping from one office to another, looking for employment are long gone, thanks to the technological advancements. Many employers have embraced technology in their recruitment processes from how they post job openings to handling the applications and selecting suitable candidates.

As a job seeker, you are sabotaging your efforts if you do not use the internet in your job search. The internet is rich in resources and tools that would make job hunting a whole lot easier and less frustrating. Here’s how to use the internet in your job search.


It isn’t easy to effectively connect with professionals and industry leaders you need to start and grow your career if you don’t have the means to attend networking events.

Luckily, the internet can help you build your professional network on the cheap and more conveniently. Social media is a gift that allows you to connect with anyone you would like to link up with easily and quickly. Through sites like LinkedIn, you have direct access to recruiters and employment opportunities from numerous companies.

It may be your social media contact that you need to recommend you for a job that could change your life.

Interview preparation

These days if you go to an interview ill-prepared and not knowing what to expect, then you only have yourself to blame. There are uncountable sites on the internet that offer tips and tricks on doing well in your interview.

Like Glassdoor, some even have first-hand interview tips from those who have had similar interviews in the same company. These include the kind of questions to expect, the appropriate attire to wear and the number of interviewers on the panel.

Furthermore, you will also find guidance on every recruitment step for any particular organization.

Job application

Your CV is what gets you at the door. Your poorly written CV may be one of the reasons recruiters never call you.

Your CV should be professional and tailored to a specific job application. Don’t have a single CV for all your job applications. Customize it to suit the requirements of a job advert.

In addition to readily available CV templates, you can also get I Resume Cover Letter to accompany your application. In fact, always include a cover letter in your job applications even if the employer hasn’t asked for one. It could be the difference between you and all the other applicants.

Job listings

Finding job opportunities has never been easier. Job sites do the hard work for you and collate almost all the employment opportunities they come about to give you access to thousands of job ads. Directories also have places where employers and people searching for work can post free classified ads.

You can subscribe to these sites and filter your preferences so that only jobs you are interested in and qualify forget sent to your mail. This saves you a lot of time sifting through unsuitable job ads.

You no longer have to keep wondering if a company is recruiting or not. Most companies have an updated careers section to get all the useful information about working for the company.

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