How To Stay Productive Whilst Working From Home

Working from home has been an ideal that has been forced upon us, mainly due to Covid-19 creating a global pandemic and we have all had to work from home where possible to combat the spread of the virus. During this period, though, many of us have become too comfortable whilst working from home. Therefore productivity might have suffered, and so we thought we’d investigate some of the best ways in which you can stay productive whilst working from home.

One of the most important factors when working from home is ensuring that you have a specific area in your home that you can say is your “desk” from which you will be working. It is far too easy to become too comfortable whilst working from home and sit in front of the television on the sofa, or even in your dressing gown in bed; this isn’t going to be the best way in which you can be working from home and should be ensuring that you have a specific location in your house to work, knowing you are sat there to work.

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Another tip we could offer whilst working from home would be to continue working during your office working hours and not use your extra time from commuting to get extra time in bed. Again, it would be far too easy to continue to e-mail late at night as you have started work, but this isn’t good for your productivity and work-life balance, so sticking to regular working hours is key.

And finally, taking short and sharp regular breaks is another way to stay productive whilst working from home. It is effortless to become distracted in your home environment, so taking short breaks during your work, when completing certain tasks or sending specific e-mails will help you to refocus and then can come back to your work with a refreshed mind and will allow you to focus on your next task so ensuring small and sharp breaks will keep you productive throughout the day.

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