How To Read With Your Preschooler

Teaching a child to read well and at the earliest age is the key to a successful academic future.  It explains why the best preschool in Singapore has reading among its main activities and provides all the support necessary to help the kids to master reading skills. But why is reading so important to children at an early age?

  • It helps the brains of these young children to develop early. Below six years, children learn faster and create more brain connections. Reading stimulates more connections than many other activities, enhancing the mental capacity of the child.
  • Reading is the best way to impart a love for learning. Once your child falls in love with reading, you will never struggle with school work. It translates in better attention, comprehension, and the search for knowledge. The potential of the kid is boosted significantly.
  • Psychologically, reading raises the self-esteem of kids and boosts their independence. The kids become more creative and imaginative, helping them to create a bolder self-image.
  • A good reader acquires better social skills and stature. The child begins to get certificates, be regarded as the best in class, and even take up leadership positions. Reinforcing such traits will result in a confident leader and a self-driven individual.
  • It opens more opportunities for the child to read without relying on adults. The child begins to take reading initiatives, develop a wider vocabulary, and turns into a competitive and articulate communicator.

Parents of preschool Singapore kids can give their children the headstart they need to master reading. It is not enough to buy books or download preschool apps for your child. Here are tips on how to teach reading to preschoolers and achieve the best results.

Develop a Routine

Set aside at least 15 minutes to read every day. Bedtime stories are fun but might not be engaging. The best reading routine for preschoolers involves books with images and graphics that they can relate to. It raises their imagination and ignites a sense of curiosity.

The most important thing is to use your senses, expressions, voice, and understandable gestures to engage the kid. Let the child identity images, repeat words, and even hold the book. If you get the child to love the sessions, he or she will remind you that it is time to read and even bring the book. The child will carry on with the routine when you are away.

Make Reading Fun

Choose a fun and comfortable space to read. Children are very selective about the environment where they spend time. They want a colorful and cozy space. Pick the corner of a comfortable sofa where you can hold and even cuddle the child. Lorna Whiston Preschool has created the best reading environment for kids to help them enjoy and love learning.

Make interesting sounds that imitate the items you encounter, dramatize actions, and allow the child to repeat. A memory of the faces you make while reading and the joy of engaging enhances their mental capacity and makes the kids desire to repeat the reading activity. Include rewards for attempts and breaks where you can take a snack that is only available during the reading session.

Allow the Child to Choose

Children at a young age are very selective about what they read and enjoy. Provide a variety of reading materials for kids based on their age. The best reading materials for preschool education in Singapore are age-appropriate, presented in beautiful graphics, and will encourage the kid to keep reading.

If a child has fallen in love with a particular character or book, allow them to repeat reading. You may look for sequels of the same title or character to advance the lessons. Forcing a kid to read through a title he or she does not love will be counterproductive. In fact, it makes such a child hate reading.

Engage in Conversations Off the Page

Use reading time to engage and learn more about your child even as you teach him or her about other aspects beyond what the book is offering. Pre nursery school in Singapore involves more than academic learning. The child will need to learn empathy and cultivate feelings. It is the perfect time to form positive perceptions and reinforce the right ideas about life.

Ask questions about his or her day and relate them to the story you are reading. It is a chance to also know how much your child knows about the world. You will be surprised at how much children know beyond what you have taught through reading.

Love Reading

A parent who does not love reading will never raise a reader. Create a reading culture that will be continued in your children. According to experts, the best international preschools in Singapore are those that recruit avid and passionate readers. They pass this trait to their children and pupils.

Final Word

The best reading teacher is one who leads by example. The choice of the best preschools in Singapore must be based on how an institution reinforces the culture of reading. Once a kid learns and loves reading from an early age, there will be no turning back.

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