How To Play Block Puzzle And Solutions To Solve The Game

Block Puzzle is a tangram-inspired puzzle game that’s created an enormous sensation in the online gaming world. Fill the board by dragging blocks from the three available and placing them into the correct place to create a larger shape. When the horizontal or vertical lines are filled, the shapes disappear to make room for more blocks. The objective is to clear as many cells as possible within two minutes. The player with the higher score wins. If you think the gameplay sounds easy, you need to think again!

block puzzle

Block Puzzle is a challenging game and one that you’ll find quite addictive. It is a beautiful feeling to solve the puzzle by placing blocks and creating a larger shape. It is even more intense when there’s an opponent to beat. Moreover, you cannot rotate the block pieces, making solving the game harder.

Are you intrigued to get started? Here’s a guide on how to play Block Puzzle and tips to solve the game.

How To Play Block Puzzle? What Are The Rules?

Players must download and install the game on their mobile devices. After that, create a new account or log in using your Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts. Then, you’re set to enter the maze of solving the puzzle.

The game is typically played on a 9X9 grid board, and you need to arrange differently shaped blocks, ensuring they fit seamlessly. If you are new to Block Puzzle, you can play free practice games to experience the game. Alternatively, experienced players can enter two or five-player cash battles or participate in ongoing tournaments and win cash rewards. For partaking in tournaments, you have to pay a small entry fee.

The game starts when you’ve been randomly matched with the needed players. But you don’t have to wait for them to join the game. You can play your turn and get on with your other commitments. The other players can join later and finish their turn. The scores are calculated at the end of the match.

During multiplayer games, all the players are given similar blocks. You need to drag the blocks from the three blocks available on your screen and drop them on the board. The game is time-based, and you need to clear horizontal and vertical lines to enhance your scores. Ensure the timer doesn’t run out before you’ve had the chance to score more than your opponents.

The objective is to score higher than your opponents to win.

Possible Solutions To Solve The Game

● On The 9×9 Grid, Try To Leave Space For The 3×3 Square Piece To Avoid Ending The Game Early

It can be a huge bummer when you’re on a roll, clearing horizontal and vertical lines, and suddenly the 3X3 square piece appears out of nowhere. It can catch you off guard and throw you off your game.

Don’t let the square piece take you out of the game early. Ensure to stay alert and always try to leave space for the square piece.

● Begin Your Game By Placing Blocks On The Corners First And Then Filling The Center

The game-ending quickly can seriously hamper your chances of winning the cash prize. Therefore, you need to stay within the game for as long as possible. A trick that can help you achieve that is starting the game by dragging the blocks and dropping them at the corner of the grid. In doing so, you’ll get more vertical and horizontal choices and also avoid empty spaces in the middle. It’ll help you clear more lines and score more without filling up the grid and running out of room.

● Don’t Dump The Blocks Anywhere On The Grid Because The Idea Is To Clear Space, Not Fill It Up

Judiciously place the blocks, so you don’t fill the grid too soon. It helps to put plenty of thought into the placement of the blocks so you can clear multiple horizontal and vertical lines at once.  Random dumping blocks will abruptly end your game because you may run out of space to place more blocks.

● The Priority Is To Clear Horizontal And Vertical Lines

Block Puzzle is not about randomly fitting blocks and filling space. The game is about fitting blocks to clear space. The ultimate goal is to clear lines vertically and horizontally. Each time you clear a line, you score points. So, try to clear multiple lines to score more.

● Solving The Game Is About Strategizing And Carefully Planning Each Move Before Placing The Blocks On The Grid

Aimless placement of blocks is out of the question when you’re playing Block Puzzle. You need to be calculative and think of every move carefully before placing the blocks. You’ll get three blocks at a time and three more after you’ve placed the previous blocks on the grid. Therefore, you need to prepare for the unexpected while trying to clear maximum cells with each move.

● The Trick To Earning More Scores Than Your Opponent Is Clearing Multiple Lines Horizontally And Vertically

If you wish to know the secret behind scoring more in Block Puzzle, it is clearing multiple columns and rows. Clearing more lines will fetch you bonus points, and you’ll be one step closer to the grand prize.

Summing Up

Now that you know everything to play Block Puzzle, go ahead and download the app to start solving the game. Enjoy the thrill of beating opponents and clearing several lines to be closer to the rewards.

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