How to Overcome a Series of Losses at Trading

In the Forex trading platform, it is not unusual to face a market crash. Experienced retailers have faced a market crash at least one in their life. To achieve a greater success rate and maximize the profits, every trader should be careful while entering a trade. Many traders jump in the trade without even thinking about it, and this phenomenon is very common among the newbie Forex retailers. They don’t know what win rate is, or risk to reward ratio, support or resistance level, etc. As a result, they don’t understand where to stop the trade and where to take profit.

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Overcome the losses in Forex trading

There are many ways to overcome the trading losses in Forex, but we will mention the most important ways in this post.

1.      Be a flexible trader

This is the first condition to fight the situation. You have to be mentally tough. It is normal to face market crashes and financial losses in the foreign currency exchange market. In this situation, many businessmen begin to doubt their skills, knowledge, experience, and strategies, which is wrong. People lacking mental toughness doubt their skills. According to the research conducted by Dr. Carol Dweck, the tough students, entrepreneurs, or players have an attitude to grow their abilities. After facing more challenging situations, they start working harder to develop their skills. In lieu of escaping the failure, they try to learn their drawbacks. Remember, trading futures requires extensive skills to adjust with the market dynamics. So, don’t be too rigid with your approach at trading.

Traders in Hong Kong with a fixed mindset try to avoid the challenges and quit their business quickly. In contrast, resilient retailers want to improve their abilities by accepting harder routes. Fixed minded retailers try to find a shortcut solution to improve their abilities.

2.      Alter the way of trading

Having a positive mindset will help you to go a far way even the losses won’t stop you from progressing. Many newbie traders keep changing their strategies during Forex trading, which is not a good sign. Instead of altering the approach, you should modify the strategy to include money management techniques and minimize the loss of money. A perfect trading approach will help you determine when to buy at support level and sell at resistance level. Besides, you will also know about the stop loss and take profit limit.

To improve the Forex trading skills and strategies, you should follow these four steps –

  • Print and observe the 10 worst and the 10 best trades of yours.
  • Figure out the common things in your worst trades and best trades.
  • Make a checklist to make the framework understandable.
  • While making a new strategy or modifying an existing strategy, make sure that it fits you psychologically.

3.      No place for the emotions

Experienced retailers never prioritize their emotions and feelings. Not everyone indeed has the same mental strength to cope with the losing situation. Experts always recommend their juniors to stay firm even when the market moves against them. In addition, beginners become too much confused after facing a consecutive trade loss, and that’s why they make the wrong decision for their next trades. The President and CEO of the Alpha Financial Technologies, named Victor Sperandeo, said that the emotional discipline plays a major role in Forex trading success. In place of concentrating on intelligence, he mentioned emotional discipline as the main factor controlling the success rate.

If a businessman feels that he is getting frustrated because of a series of market crashes, he should take a break and sit down to analyze the market rather than jumping into another trade. There can be various factors that are responsible for his loss. It is better to figure them out before being busy in trading.


These are the major three ways to overcome consecutive losses in FX trading.

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