How to Offer Supportive Customer Care Online

In 2021, a growing number of businesses are taking their products and services online. This has several upsides for the customer, providing them with around-the-clock access to retailers, along with enhanced convenience and a greater degree of choice. However, there’s one area where online businesses often fall short, and that’s their customer care. It’s the absence of human interaction that deters a significant proportion of consumers from shopping online.

This is especially an issue for businesses that operate solely on the world wide web. Without a face to put to your company, your brand can seem artificial and impersonal, but this needn’t be the case. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to provide supportive customer care through the medium of the internet. Here’s how to do it.  

Advertise and Deliver Around-the-clock Care

When shopping online, some consumers worry about what to do if there’s a transaction problem. Without a physical sales team on the shop floor to handle returns and refunds, they’re concerned that any issues they encounter will remain unresolved.


One way to counteract this is by not only providing but also advertising around-the-clock care. Please take a look at this site to see what we mean. An online casino directory, BonusFinder, has a great example of advertising customer care; PlayOJO has ‘24/7 customer service via live chat and email’ listed among its highlights. It’s easy to see why: this rhetoric is pushed on its website because it helps put customers at ease.

It’s a clear selling point for the business because it helps build trust in the brand by clarifying that support is on hand should they need it and signposts to the various communication channels. This example should be followed by any service, product, or brand that wants to put their customers at ease, encourage repeat custom, and garner positive reviews.

Provide Multiple Communication Channels

Following on from this point, it’s not enough to provide customers with a single method of contacting you. While chatbots can be wonderful, not every purchaser will enjoy interacting with a robot; some prefer a human touch, so make sure they can access this.

Don’t make it difficult for consumers to find your contact details, either. Instead, explain to them the various ways they can get in touch with you, and try to provide as many variations on these as possible. For example, if you offer live chat, make sure you’re also contactable by phone and email.

By tailoring your communication channels to the individual, you’ll provide top-quality, supportive customer care that fosters long-term relationships and is another way to encourage repeat custom.  

Create a Section in Your FAQs Dedicated to Troubleshooting

When customers encounter a problem, they like clear answers on how to resolve it. To provide them with this, create an FAQs page with a section specifically dedicated to troubleshooting and issue resolution.


On this page, talk your customers through your returns policy and their rights while explaining how they can get in touch with you. Make it clear that you’re always on hand to help and that they’ll be treated as an individual throughout the process.

In doing so, you still foster positive relationships with your customers if they’re unhappy with your product or service. Not only do they feel supported, but they’re likely to remember they were taken care of by your company and give you a second chance to get it right and impress them.

Isn’t it time you applied these three top tips to improve your online customer care?      

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