How to Improve Your LinkedIn Plan with SaaS Strategy

Everyone is talking about LinkedIn as a network for B2B and SaaS strategies. However, you need to know specific tips and tricks to make the most out of the platform and boost your performance.

The marketing team at has put this article together to educate you on the best SaaS strategies for improving your LinkedIn game.

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How Can SaaS Companies Improve Their LinkedIn Game?

Targeting Decision Makers

A LinkedIn campaign manager helps launch your LinkedIn ads to a precise, segmented audience. Through this platform, you can target high-level employees on LinkedIn, companies by size, and industry. You can also target company names, age, interests and traits, and what other filter you may have in mind. For a successful campaign, detailed segmentation is paramount. This is especially important when the Cost per Lead (CPL) can have a significantly lower price if your ads are delivered to the right audience.

A whole lot of research is needed to target the right audience. As an example, knowing the kind of LinkedIn groups and pages your potential customers follow may be necessary for your SaaS Company. This data helps you narrow down your audience by targeting prospects that constantly browse through such pages and groups.

Optimizing Your Company Page

Contrary to popular opinion, not all LinkedIn SaaS leads are from paid advertising. In a robust lead generation strategy, organic posts are fundamental. The first step in your lead-generation strategy should be turning your company page into a lead-capturing hub. The next step is to carefully optimize your page description by stating your value proposition. Also, make sure you list all your coworkers in the “people” section as part of your company. Research shows that LinkedIn users tend to focus their attention on the human side of the business.

Furthermore, include a Call to Action (CTA) in your posts and updates to convert your visitors into leads. You can also encourage your followers to learn more about a subject matter via your website; this strategy efficiently accelerates awareness and converts leads.

The LinkedIn showcase page or other affiliated pages are an excellent alternative for businesses that provide a catalog of services. This platform allows you to segment your audience and create sub-pages owned by your company page. Using this alternative enables your followers to access relevant information on their interested product. In addition, Showcase pages allow you access to LinkedIn extra real estate.

Below is an example of two company pages. One has a showcase page while the other doesn’t (the affiliated pages are on the right-hand side):

The images show that SAP gets more visibility because of its separate community for developers and technology branch affiliate pages. On the other hand, Toyota is giving some space away to LinkedIn and worse to the Ford Motor Company.

Joining conversations as a thought leader

You can gain more visibility on LinkedIn by posting constantly. With this, you can establish your position as an opinion leader, attracting new leads to your strategy. Furthermore, regular posts are helpful in the long run. For instance, paid advertising only works if you have a monthly budget. On the other hand, your LinkedIn posts will always be a part of your content marketing strategy, helping you generate SaaS B2B leads without spending a dime.

It takes a lot of effort to create and distribute posts within a SaaS network constantly. It is best to check what your competitors and target audience are doing regarding distribution dynamics. This doesn’t mean you are trying to copy. It is simply a means of observing hashtags and frequent topics SaaS opinion leaders and decision-makers use. Hashtags can maximize your exposure, especially when you want to generate more traffic and followers organically.

The most important asset on LinkedIn for your company is the employees. LinkedIn is all about finding and connecting with professionals who are all real people. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a big SaaS company. Having your employees (real professionals) share your posts alongside their comments and opinions is essential.

The process of employee sharing should not be face or false. You need to motivate and encourage your employees to share your posts. When you publish inviting and engaging for your employees, it can boost your visibility across their network and establish them as active thought leaders. On LinkedIn, a study shows that employee-shared content generates 8× more engagement than other posts published by a specific brand. Therefore, you should get your team to spread the word.

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