How To Deal With Back Pain Quickly And Efficiently

One of the major reasons people miss work, research has shown, is back pain. It comes second after cold, with over 90 million people missing work and $5 billion spent on health care.  

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As a matter of fact, one in four Americans would experience back pain at one point in their lifetime. When your back pain stays for over three months, it is considered chronic, a form of pain that neuroscientists describe weakens more than your body.

Chronic pain can disrupt your brain function, reduce attention span, impairs decision and social skills. You’ve probably have experienced back pain in various forms and are wondering what you can do to handle pain before it gets you. Here’s how

Be Attentive To Your Posture

Whether you’re standing or sitting, try as much as you can not to slouch. Barefoot Physiotherapy Brisbane explains that back pain and poor posture go hand in hand and when you notice one the other is also there. Therefore, we need to think about our posture and ways we can improve it if necessary, and that’s where a physiotherapist can help. To start with, whether you’re standing or sitting, try as much as you can not slouch. Balance your weight properly on your feet. To help you maintain a good posture when sitting, get a chair that can help you lower your back. Look for the best chair for back support and once you have access to it, adjust the height, so your feet can always rest flat on the floor. Empty your back pockets while you sit to avoid pressure on your lower back. But if you are still facing back pain problems, then there are various types of back pain relief machines available in the market. However one of them is DCcure which is an electromagnetic therapy machine.

Lift Items the Right Way 

One major reason back pain is rampant is that people don’t lift heavy items the right way, not knowing it can cause a strain on their back. When lifting a heavy object, move close to the items, bend your knees towards the ground and hold your stomach muscles. 

As you stand up, use the muscles in your leg to support your body. Pull the item close to your body and keep the natural curve of your back as much as you can. Ensure you’re not twisting when lifting the object, and if it is too heavy for you to lift, drop it and ask for help.

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Straighten Up

You need good posture not just to look alright; it helps protect and maintain your spine structure, keeping them functioning well and in good health. If you’ve got bad posture, it would put a strain on your back and alter the structure of your spine. Also, the posture doesn’t apply only when you’re sitting. It should be avoided when standing too. 

Have Lumbar Support

Assuming your chair doesn’t have proper, built-in lumbar support, or doesn’t have enough, consider adding more extra support.

The chair cushion that fits your back pain maintains the back’s natural curve. A properly rolled up or pillow towel can also ease pressure and help your back’s curvature.  Adjust the material till it fits into the curvature of your back as required. 

Learning to deal with the pain you feel at your back would make life easier for you. However, you might have to make certain adjustments or changes if you want lasting solutions. Quick fixes are never a permanent solution, as they can sometimes compound the issue.

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