How To Convert Your Gas Generator To Propane

People often want to convert their gas generator into propane for multiple reasons. In emergencies like earthquakes or hurricanes, gasoline might not be readily available as compared to propane.

propane valve

This article will learn how to convert your gas generator to propane in some easy steps.


Before we delve into the topic, it is important to mention that generator conversion is risky and dangerous. In case the motor dies and nobody is around, propane will run, which could build up and explode.

  • carburetor

If you want to use a carburetor, you should be aware that it is an irreversible process, and you will not be able to use it for any other purpose. You can easily gen an old carburetor at a local engine repairing shop. You can even purchase it online if you want. 

  • Remove the needle valve and the old Float

Firstly, remove the old parts from the carburetor, starting with the bowl. You can do this by unscrewing the jet or bolt placed on the bottom of the bowl. Then, remove the needle valve, the float, and the spring. 

  • Remove butterfly Valve 

The next step is to remove the butterfly shaft along with its shaft. You can easily do this with the help of a mini screw placed on the valve plate. After doing so, you will be able to lift and remove the shaft.

  • Remove the mixture and idle jets or screws

After you are done with removing the butterfly valve, remove the mixtures and idle jets or screws. You will not need them for propane. However, you will need a new needle valve that is used to control the RPM.

  • Remove the Jet Hole Plate cover

You can remove them by drilling the hole in the cover. However, drill the holes very carefully because you don’t want to drill through the carburetor. After that, install a screw in the hole till the cover pops off. 

  • Removing primer bulb

You can remove the primer bulb by pulling it properly, and it will pop off right away. 

  • Venturi Jet Removal

For Venturi jet removal, you will have to install a screw on the jet’s middle and then pull it. It should come off immediately.

  • Cleaning the carb

After removing everything, it is time to clean the carburetor. You can use a Dremel tool, which might be available in your propane conversion kits. You also use a carb cleaner if you wish.

  • Drilling out the Venturi port

The next step involves drilling out the Venturi port to make room for the ¼ tube you will later install. Make sure that you drill straight after drilling removes all the metal shavings from the carb properly.

  • Seal up holes and jets

Now seal all the jets and holes. You can use an ATV silicon for this step. It is heat resistant and a good sealant. Make sure you seal every jet and hole; however, leave the main Venturi jet. Seal the old gas supply connection and the primer bulb as well. 

  • The new Venturi tube parts

You will have to purchase a couple of things, including a BBQ grill regulator, a ¼ inch copper compression needle valve, compression reducer, copper tubing, and a male pipe thread or MPT adapter.

  • The new Venturi Tube

You can use around 3-inch pieces of a ¼ inch copper tube for your new Venturi tube. Remember to deburr the copper after cutting; the burr will not interfere with the flow of gas.

  • Assemble the Venturi

Assembling the Venturi is quite easy. You can use a Teflon tape where the connections are to make sure that it is sealed properly. 

  • Putting everything together

After assembling the Venturi slide it in the carburetor. You should test run the motor before epoxying your assembly to the carburetor.

  • Mount the carb test

The final step is to mount the carburetor on a motor. Make sure that you are using a gusset in between intake manifold and carb.


There are several ways of converting the gas generator to propane, but this one is the easiest to follow. However, make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and visit an expert if needed.

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