How to control COVID spread during the Super Bowl 2022

This year’s rendition of the coveted sports competition, the Superbowl, is veering ever closer with football fans from across the globe expected to sell out SoFi Stadium in the heart of Los Angeles, despite the continuous worries of an increased number of COVID-19 positive cases.


The Superbowl remains as the country’s most widely broadcasted event as fans cram into a hosting venue to witness the very best names that the NFL has to offer, as two major franchises look to battle it out for a chance to lay claim to the prestigious Vince Lombardi trophy.

This year’s NFL regular season has resulted in a number of established clubs being sighted as hotly favored contenders to earn a place in the Superbowl game which takes place on the 13th of February at the illustrious SoFi stadium in LA.

Fans have already been treated to a phenomenal array of footballing action that has culminated in both first seeded conference teams (Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans) suffering an early elimination from the Playoffs in the Divisional round which has opened the door for the outsiders in the Super Bowl odds, with the final showdown between the LA Rams and the CIN Bengals.

With the Super Bowl now only days away, there still remains a growing concern of the ongoing pandemic and the increased number of positive COVID cases that could arise from such a major event given the vast number of spectators that such a game is expected to pull.

California’s COVID spike during January

Last year’s Superbowl was hosted at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida and as such only 25,000 fans were admitted entrance into the Buccaneers home ground following on from the worries that housing a full capacity could further foresee a much greater spike in COVID cases throughout the state of Florida and across the country.

Throughout the 2021/22 regular season, more fans were permitted to wear face coverings and present evidence of a negative COVID test result in order to enter any major venue that has since allowed a greater return of attendances at games.

However, despite various stadiums now allowing a greater number of spectators to return back to watch an NFL outing, cities like LA have raised further concerns as the destination for Superbowl 56 after a major COVID spike throughout January.

California oversaw a daily average of 40,000 new COVID cases which has since extended into the month of February leaving many to question whether there should be a new venue to host this year’s rendition of the Super Bowl, with AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas being among the most favored options.

Since the offset of the pandemic, the NFL and various sporting leagues have taken great precautions to prevent the spread of the virus that has included greater spacing among fans, prohibited cash payment at concession stands, the priority of wearing face masks when traversing around the stadium and hand sanitizer stands being predominantly placed all across any major sporting venues.

people with masks at event

As stated, there have also been demands of producing any records of a negative COVID test or vaccination jabs when arriving at a venue at the opening gates, there will also likely be a greater restriction on tailgating/fan interaction outside the venues for major events which have since become staples of all NFL fanbases.

These restrictions and methods are likely to be in full fruition throughout Superbowl 56 weekend as the NFL will look to completely hinder any sort of spread of COVID-19 following on from the conclusion of the Superbowl game.

This will also apply to all major hospitality and leisure center’s throughout the plaza surrounding SoFi Stadium, should the NFL still wish to allow the near 71,000 seater stadium to host this year’s Superbowl.

How to prevent the spread of COVID for fans watching at bars

There may be a greater expectation for fans to watch the game at home rather than at public venues, but it is expected that a number of eager football fans will flock to the nearest hospitality venue to watch the biggest game of the year.

Sports bars are expected to be fully booked and packed for Superbowl weekend which may force more bars to utilize table service rather than allowing customers to gather around the counter in a massive cluster.

Face coverings will also be advised when leaving a table or entering a venue with security staff expected at the doors to check both IDs and evidence of a negative COVID test.

Superbowl 56 is just around the corner and the excitement is certainly palpable heading into the event both for fans attending the game in-person and watching at home or at various venues, yet safety is of the utmost priority during these challenging times.

Fans who are watching the Superbowl outside the comforts of their own homes should follow all major COVID guidelines and directions, but can still enjoy every part of the majesty that is Superbowl weekend.

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