How to choose a baby diaper for your baby?

New parents have a lot of queries about bringing up the baby. The first thing you need for your baby is a baby diaper. You should know about many baby things to take care of your baby as it affects its health. All new parents need guidelines about many things like breastfeeding, baby’s diet, your diet, baby clothes, hygiene measures, etc. The hygiene of the baby is directly related to the baby’s health.


Diapers are a must-have thing for babies. You must choose bulk diapers daily to keep your baby clean. You need bulk diapers, especially during your baby’s first year. In the following years, especially during travel, you must have bulk diapers to keep changing the diapers along the way.

You have to invest a lot of money in the baby so use this money carefully in the right way. The diapers should be renowned brands. The bulk diapers are available from zero sizes to the largest, even for adults. The diapers should be ultra-absorbent and have zero chlorine bleaching.

Read this article thoroughly to get some guidelines about the baby’s diapers. Here are some tips you need when choosing the baby’s diaper.

Baby’s weight and size

The baby’s weight is the most important thing, while the right diaper. The diapers should be skin-fit so it doesn’t leak from the sides. The size-by-weight calculation is important. The basic tips for this are given below.

Size: Weight lbs

Newborn baby:

Up to 10 lbs – Size 1

8-14 – Size 2

12-18 – Size 3

16-21 – Size 4

20-32 – Size 5

27-35 – Size 6

Over 35 lbs

The number of diapers a baby needs per day

Here is the average use of a diaper per day according to the size of the bulk diapers.


Diaper per day – How long will you use

Preemie baby: As per need varies

Newborn baby: 8

1 month: Size 1 (6)

About 1.5 months: Size 2 (5)

About 3 months: Size 3 (5)

About 7 months: Size 4 (4)

About 8 months: Size 5 (4)

About 6 months: Size 6 (4)

Skin sensitivity of baby

Newborn babies have sensitive skin. You must check everything you are applying to the baby’s skin. Although every baby has sensitive skin, some babies have more sensitive skin than others. Some people use conventional cloth diapers. This cloth diaper may be harmful to your baby’s skin and can cause a rash on the skin as it contains bacteria. So go for a reputed diaper than the local ones. Never buy a diaper from ordinary brands.

Other qualities

The diaper must have the following features:

  • Good Absorbent diaper
  • Wetness Indicator Lines should be in a diaper
  • Softness and Breathability should be good
  • Stretchability should be there
  • Ultra-absorbent diaper
  • Chlorine-free diaper
  • Skin fit diaper

These brands are found only in erupted brand diapers.

Final thoughts

The article reflects the guide to buying the best diaper for you. Choose the diaper according to this guide so your baby will get a comfortable diaper.

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