How to build your international brand the right way using professional translation

In the face of a fragile global economy, it can be more important than ever not just to build your brand into an international one but to do it the right way. Unless you are a talented polyglot, you’ll need the support of a Chinese translation company to help you develop a content marketing strategy. From sourcing and marketing translation to localized considerations or CIT equipment rental, we’ll walk you through how to build your global brand the right way the first time.

Using translation to build your global marketing strategy

What is a global marketing strategy? It is a living document that defines your approach to tackling global markets. Developing a content marketing strategy with international aims will lay the foundations for building your international brand. That’s why it requires exceptional attention to detail. Be sure to include:

  • Details of how you will use translation to undertake multilingual market research. This research will feed into your strategy and develop it to conquer each international market efficiently.
  • Ofer Tirosh, CEO of a translation company, Tomedes, states that the best solution for your business marketing needs will be a company with extensive experience in all types of language services for the territories you have in your sights.
  • A detailed budget. This is your chance to map out your costs and consider what you are willing to spend on cracking each of the international markets you want to enter.
  • Timelines for both implementation of the strategy and its review and revision.
  • Details of the types of marketing activities you are going to undertake in each region. Different audiences will respond differently to the same marketing tactics, so localize your approach to each country. While traditional methods such as cold calling and emailing may form part of your strategy, digital marketing will likely form a much larger part if you plan to reach your brand’s global reach.

Why content marketing is so important

One of the most critical forms of digital marketing nowadays is content marketing. The link between content and commercial success has generated increasing attention over the past few years, with brands using content to drive engagement, awareness, and sales. Content marketing can include publishing articles, videos, case studies, guest posts, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, guides, reports, and more.

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Many international marketing strategy examples now include a keen focus on content marketing. This needs to be localized to each of your target audiences. What does localized mean? Quite simply, it means that you have adapted your marketing materials to fit the linguistic and cultural norms of the target audience.

How can you localize your content? Well, a decent translation company will be able to help you here. They can access native speakers of the languages you need, who can provide translation and detailed insights into the local culture. These include how you need to adapt your marketing materials to resonate with the audiences you’re looking to engage with.

To build your content marketing strategy:

  • Define the audiences you want to connect with.
  • Research which marketing techniques work best with each.
  • Map out the content marketing approach you will take in each location.
  • Build in the role of a translation company to help deliver your content.

Research shows that 87% of buying decisions now begin with online research. Also, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. If you’re not doing all you can to build your international brand – including strategic content marketing – you’ll likely be well behind the competition when connecting with those consumers.

Deliver a multilingual social commerce strategy

Another essential string for your bow when it comes to building your brand internationally is social commerce. Do you know those ads that crop up all over your Facebook? That’s social commerce in action right there.

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