How Technology Work on the Cannabis Vape

Vaping has become a big business in the past few years, especially with cannabis now being legalized in many states of the USA. Vaping first hit the big time when smoking was banned in public places due to the health risks. Initially, vape devices were very basic yet recent developments in technology mean they are now quite advanced in terms of miniaturized electronics.

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A cannabis vape device differs from one used for CBD, for example, very little. However, bear in mind that a vape device for cannabis will not always be usable with other products. So, what is the technology that drives a vape device, and what should you look for when choosing a vaping machine for your cannabis enjoyment? That’s what we’re talking about below, so let’s get started.

Developments in Vape Technology

When the early vape pens – so-called because they were pen-shaped – were simple devices. They included an outer case that contained a battery, a coil or atomizer, and a container into which the vape substance was placed. The user would then press a button a set number of times to activate the device and vape away.

It’s worth remembering that in a vape device there is no flame. The coil simply heats the container to a temperature at which the cannabis is vaporized. Now, it is the vape pen battery that has perhaps undergone the greatest amount of development in the later years. You will find that the phrase ‘510-thread’ is often mentioned in terms of vape pen batteries. So, what does this mean?


What to Look for in a Cannabis Vape

Now that vaping is becoming more popular there are new brands entering the market all the time. Originally different brands used different components, including the battery. There came a point when vape manufacturers realized that a standard vape battery would be a sensible idea. They settled on a battery we know as the ‘510-thread battery.’ This refers to the thread that is used to screw the battery into the fitting.

This thread is also used on other detachable parts of the vape pen, including the container and the mouthpiece. Hence many parts of a vape pen can be interchanged with others, so you can effectively customize your pen or upgrade rather than buying new. Why is this important?

Original vape pen batteries were single voltage. They were set to power the coil to the point at which the cannabis atomized. More modern 510 batteries are far more technologically advanced and feature adjustable voltage. This allows the user to adjust the heat to a setting that gives a stronger or lighter flavor and strength. This, and developments in the way the air flows through a mouthpiece, is perhaps the single most important change in vape pen technology since they first appeared on the market.

The Latest Vaping Trends

There is no doubt that vaping cannabis is safe compared to smoking weed, although many users do prefer the traditional joint to a vape pen. With cannabis available as wax concentrate as well as in dry herb form, there are even more choices to make. Often known as a ‘dab pen’, the type of pen that is used to vape concentrate – which gives a more powerful result – differs slightly from that which is used for dry herb, so you need to be careful when you choose your vape pen.

We recommend you talk to a reputable cannabis vape pen retailer for more information on the best choice of a vape pen for you and for your budget and start enjoying your cannabis in the simplest method.

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