How Should a Businessman Choose a Personal Driver?

A personal driver is a person who will help you save time. He has many requirements, but there are many applicants for such a position.

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What skills are required of a personal driver for an executive

Each manager has its requirements for the workforce. The driver must be able to:

  • Drive a vehicle safely in compliance with the rules of the road;
  • Use maps, navigator and other navigation systems;
  • react competently to emergency situations;
  • communicate courteously with police and road users;
  • ensure safe embarkation and disembarkation of passengers;
  • move off smoothly, choosing a safe driving trajectory and maneuvering techniques;
  • control emotions in relation to other road users and passengers;
  • repair the vehicle in case of breakage;
  • follow the rules of business etiquette.

The job description determines the duties of the personal driver of the manager. Before hiring, the applicant must carefully read the rules of transportation of people and confirm their consent by personal signature.

Why it is worth hiring a personal driver

If the budget allows, cab rides shouldn’t be preferred to hiring a personal driver. And here’s why.

  • Unlike a cab driver, a personal chauffeur is an assistant. He will do some things for you that you do not have time to do. For example, he will pick up your dry cleaning or will take care of selecting a rented car and contacting luxury car rental in Dubai. He will pick up your mother at the train station, help carry your suitcases.
  • You know what you’re paying for. Duties are spelled out in the job description, which the driver must comply with. The cab driver does not owe you anything, even if it is the best service in town.
  • Good attitude. Working with a person for a long time forms a relationship of trust. After a hard day’s work, you can talk, listen to advice. Not everyone wants to be frank with a cab driver.
  • Quality service. The assistant’s main task is the safe transportation of the employer or his family. He monitors the car’s technical condition, timely reminders of the need to pass the inspection or go to the car service. You will get into a clean car with a tidy driver who knows the rules of the road.
  • Affordable Business Class. A personal driver is less expensive than hiring a business class cab.
  • Confidence for your family’s safety. You’ll know who your children have left school with and that they’ll be picked up from clubs late at night.
  • Round-the-clock service. The driver is available at any time of the day, will pick you up from the party, and send the car to the dry cleaner in case of an unpleasant mishap.

If you need a personal driver, the employee’s duties determine the personal qualities required. Before hiring, make a list of the tasks you plan to assign to your chauffeur.

Careful handling of things, cleanliness — another quality of the ideal driver. Be sure to keep the interior and the car clean, timely visits to the car wash and dry cleaning. These qualities will also be helpful to the businessman to keep his reputation as a neat man and his staff accordingly.

If a personal driver becomes an assistant, the love of children and animals will be a huge plus. A job seeker with a pedagogical or psychological background should be a priority, and your children will be comfortable with such an employee.

Who are we looking for in the end?

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Approximate image of the ideal driver:

  • age – 30-45 years old;
  • driving experience – from 10 years;
  • Driving experience – from 3 years;
  • understands cars;
  • without bad habits;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • stress-resistant;
  • Without a criminal record.

To ensure that responsible people come to the position of personal driver, ask for a resume. It specifies the experience of working as a driver and employers’ recommendations. But don’t rely solely on standards. Talk to applicants, talk about different topics to find an assistant that you will be pleased with as a person.

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