How not to struggle with writing

Many people seem are naturally good at writing. They write great reports and articles that way so other enjoy reading. If you look more into the writing process, you start seeing that it takes lots of practice, planning and discipline to do it great. So in order to get on to right track you should analyze the routine the successful writers do when they write.


The main roadblock in writing great essays is pressure. The need to write it fast and good simply freezes the brain. The fear of failure may take over. But there is good news – you can write and write well. All you need is to get over the pressure and build a simple strategy that will help accomplish the task.

A probably most important part of writing is to get rid of fears and brain freezes. If you have failed in writing earlier, brain remembers and starts blocking again. Then you probably grab chocolate or cigarette, hoping to release tension. And later, you find that this doesn’t help much.

So what to do then? Probably it is best to do something different for a while – reading something enjoyable can be a great start. This way the brain can rest and relax.

After you take your time to calm your brain, then find your comfort zone where no one can disturb you. Have a bottle of water and few treats nearby to fuel yourself and start on planning the work process.

If you need to write extended 10 page essay, start breaking it into small tasks. If there is time left, plan to write a page or to a day. This way, you can break through easily. Doing small assignments, you will have enough time to research topic, but do not get distracted when Googling and finding that there’s too much information where most of it is only a distraction. Simply choose few keywords, and collect several quotes. And start writing. Don’t worry much about style; just write and lay down your thoughts. Try not to stop at this period, so you get written all information that is hanging around. Try to explain things so they are clear to everyone who are going to read. Don’t do assumptions that small and more obvious things can be skipped. And most important – do not delete if you think something not quite right. The more you write, the sooner you get to point when you reach a desired word count. Leave cleanup for editing part. We usually do writing on a computer, but if you are struggling, it might be the computer is a distraction. Try handwriting – some people find it inspiring.

After you think you have written all you had in mind, do the editing. No one can write an excellent paper without editing. This is probably most important task before it’s done. One part of editing is technical, where you need to get paragraphs, align illustrations in order, and fine-tune sentences. You may need to go over several times until you feel it is polished enough. In this part, you can ask someone to read and mark what, in their opinion, need polishing.

The more you write and edit, the better you get at it. There is no single simple advice how to do this best. Only practice, planning ahead, and finding your comfort writing zone will guarantee success. But there are times when there is simply not enough time, and you are overwhelmed with other tasks. In this case, you could ask paper writing service for help. This way, you can benefit not only by getting the task accomplished, but also by analyzing how paper was written and using one or two techniques to sharpen your skills.

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