How Light Therapy Technology Can Help Boost Fertility in Men

It is unfortunate, but it is also equally true that by the age of 30, men start to see their testosterone levels drop. While this is normal and expected, it does not make dealing with the issue any easier. Lower levels of testosterone can bring about a lot of changes in the bodies of men. It can mean things like much lower energy levels, much less appetite for sex and weight gain, and a decline in muscle mass.

Treating these kinds of low levels of testosterone can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Very often, doctors will suggest medication or supplements to resolve the issue. The issue with this type of conventional treatment form is that it can cause many unwanted side effects. Another thing that is of particular concern is that many men are not given anything because their doctors have deemed their testosterone levels to be not low enough.

It is then not that surprising that many men opt for a more natural way to boost their testosterone levels. One option that holds a lot of promise for men with this condition is light therapy. Studies upon studies have touted the miraculous effects that light therapy has on the human body. Many of these studies determined that light therapy also had a beneficial effect for those who had low levels of testosterone.

What the clinical research says about the effect of light therapy on testosterone

The effects of natural light on the body’s ability to produce testosterone have been studied for almost 100 years. It has been the last particular decade that has been the source of tremendous optimism in these communities. Research done in the past ten years and especially in the past few years has been far more illuminating. This has given the medical community a lot more reason for optimism about the potential light therapy holds in increasing testosterone in men.

A 2016 randomized study in Italy was carried out by the University of Siena that looked at 38 men who had been diagnosed with low levels of sexual desire. Researchers then proceeded to divide the men into two groups. One of the groups received clinical amounts of light therapy in the morning. In these men, a dramatic change in their levels of sexual satisfaction as well as increased T-levels were noticed. The other group did not see any changes in their levels of Testosterone.

When explaining the findings of his study, the lead researcher of the study said that the increased sexual satisfaction resulted from the increase in Testosterone levels. It is very normal for people living in the Northern Hemisphere to experience a decline in testosterone levels. This happens from November to April, and then it goes back to normal in the spring. The effects of this can be seen in the reproductivity rates, where June is the month with the most cases of conception.

Male Fertility

A whole host of studies have determined that increased exposure to natural light helps the sperm of men be more motile. This measures exactly how well the spermatozoa can swim and also move. Motility is indeed a key indicator of fertility in men and how well their entire reproductive system functions.

Previous Research Done  on Mammals

It is a fact that a lot more research is needed to understand the effects of light therapy in human males fully. The results so far are indeed auspicious, but it still needs to be looked into further. Just, for instance, the more recent publications of research on males have been able to build on a vast base of analysis that had been conducted on other mammals in labs.

A study in 2013 established that red light therapy of wavelength 670 nm had the ability to increase the levels of serum testosterone in lab rats. It had no side effects as well. There have been a whole host of these studies that have determined that increased exposure to natural light or light therapy lights really does have the potential to increase testosterone levels in men. The studies were also able to conclusively prove that increased testosterone levels in the body also equaled to better and much healthier sex life in general.

Other studies conducted on the motility of both boar and dog sperm showed the same kind of promising results when conducted in laboratory settings.

How exactly does Red Light Therapy increase the levels of testosterone in the body?

Although a whole host of studies have been able to determine that increased exposure to light therapy can improve the levels of testosterone in the body, the exact scientific reasoning behind the phenomenon is as of yet not understood. We have already talked a lot about how light therapy, in general, has the ability to generate cellular chemical transportation of energy- which is otherwise referred to as ATP. Just as there can be seen a whole host of benefits of light therapy in the body, many studies have also been able to show that light therapy also has the ability to stimulate the Leydig cells of the body. These are the cells that are primarily responsible for the production of Testosterone in the body. It has also been theorized that increased levels of production of energy can also boost up the production of the hormone testosterone.

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