How Are New Technologies Changing Online Gaming?

When the internet exploded, so did the gaming scenario. Online gaming started off with just LAN parties, where games were played over a series of computers in a local network. But then it spread like wildfire, and multiplayer versions of computer games came into the picture and were distributed as separate offerings.

Sure, the Google Lens project did not come out as expected. We had expected it to be famous by now and feature some great games, like games that can be found on netticasino (online casino), on its own. However, Google had to go back to its drawing board simply because it couldn’t solve some fundamental problems with the design, and we are yet to see those exciting games.

That doesn’t mean, though, that online gaming hasn’t changed.

The Rise of Online Gaming: How is Technology Shaping It?

As technological advances continued, online gaming has reached more gamers than was possible ever before.

So what are the new technologies which have been making waves in the online gaming scenario? Let’s see what technologies we should be looking out for.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the hot new thing. It consists of a set of goggles, which, when worn, create the illusion of another world around you. It has not yet caught the attention of mainstream gaming because the technology is still new, requires a lot of hardware resources, and is not quite affordable.

Still, the gambling industry has incorporated it to provide patrons almost a realistic casino experience while still being in the comfort of their homes.

Augmented Reality

This technology is different than virtual reality because it only manipulates computer images on a view of the natural world so that those images are superimposed. This is how Pokemon Go was released and became wildly popular. It became so popular that the social networking aspect brought the entire world together.

Now developers are using this technology to create mobile shooter games with hordes of enemy characters visible on the mobile or tablet screens showing real locations.

Cloud Computing

Until now, players have to download games onto their devices like mobiles and computers to play them. However, cloud computing is changing the way games are played. Cloud computing allows the developers to host their games on their own servers and present the users with a lightweight application that can interface with the servers.

In this way, a majority of users can play the games without worrying about buying expensive hardware. The additional security allows the developers to monitor cheating and hacking to prevent it effectively. This is how online casinos and slot machines have evolved from browser-based offerings.

What does the Future Look Like?

Other technologies like gesture control and facial recognition have also made waves. But gesture control is still not perfect as Kinect showed us, and facial recognition is in its nascent stages.

However, the future is bright for online games as enhanced hardware becomes more affordable and accessible. Add to it the fact that you could pay online gaming sites through just about any currency, including Bitcoins, and you know that the future does hold a lot of promise.

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