Houston Dermatology: Explained

Among one the biggest worries of young adults and pubescent youths are the hormonal assaults they are relentlessly subjected to. That’s a cause! The effect? Stressful and unpleasant acne can leave even the most self-confident person feeling like they aren’t up to par.

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Unsurprisingly, dermatologists are more or less considered to be heroes by this age category. It can be mind-numbingly annoying and even depressing to deal with skin breakouts in the middle of what might be a tense period for you.

Thankfully, the field of dermatology is developed enough to offer everyone help, whether they’re suffering from the all-too-common acne to the more rare yet still frequent psoriasis or eczema.

If you’re located in Houston and interested in becoming a physician, then read on to find out a quick explanation as to what dermatology covers as well as what you must do to gain a Doctorate Degree in medicine.

On the other hand, if you’re a physician that has just finished their residency, then you might want to look for dermatology jobs in Houston here!

What Is Dermatology?

Although the term sounds complicated, dermatology is not a complicated concept. To put it simply, the field of dermatology covers the diagnosis and treatment of skin and nail-related conditions. Eczema and psoriasis, as previously mentioned, are two auto-immune diseases governed by dermatology.

Therefore, a physician that has dedicated themselves to dermatology is called a dermatologist. There is a large variety of specializations for dermatologists, although most of them do not choose to pursue one.

Dermatologists are visited for many reasons. Skin lesions and rashes appear to be quite common reasons for a quick visit, together with acne, which almost every adult has encountered at one point or another. Surprisingly, diabetes is also a condition that a dermatologist can diagnose easily due to changes in skin color.

Knowing Your Skin

Here’s a little-known fact: did you know that the largest (and also the most exposed!) organ on your body is actually the skin? Most of us think about kidneys or livers when we think about the word “organ,” even though any organic bodily part technically applies.

The skin has many roles. Among them is to protect your internal organs from injury, bacteria, or viruses. Without skin, our bodies would not be able to fight off against all third-party invaders trying to ruin our ecosystem.

Furthermore, the skin also has a very important role in regulating body temperature. Besides protecting us from harm and pathogens, it also helps maintain a constant temperature at which our bodies can thrive instead of struggle.

Is Becoming a Dermatologist Easy?

To answer the question simply, no. Becoming a dermatologist takes an investment of both time and money that most people aren’t able to cover. Additionally, you must have a great degree of willpower as studying medicine is not easy at all.

To provide some context, a budding physician will first require four years of college to even be considered for entry into medical school. Med school is another story altogether, requiring a financial investment of about $200,000 on average and four years of intense and grueling studying that is going to push your mental stamina to the limit.

After that – assuming you attend eight years of school and pay almost a quarter of a million dollars – you’ll have to start up residency with another physician for another three years at minimum, which is essentially a medical apprenticeship where you get to learn the tools of the trade.

It’s not easy to become a dermatologist – at all. On the other hand, if this is what you want to do, then there is be no doubt about what your next step should be.

Hard Work Pays Off

Dermatologists are well paid, satisfied with their jobs, and respected by society. If you’re thinking about becoming a dermatologist, then you should be utterly sure this is what you want to do. Many people have gone through years of medical school only to realize they never wanted to be a physician.

Once you know what you want, however – never look back, and work hard to achieve it!

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