Holiday Season Approaches for New Smartphones

The end of the year is nearly here, and for tech enthusiasts, that tends to mean one thing – some exciting news around newer releases, particularly when it comes to new hardware. The big news is still to go around the latest smartphones, which will release a little before or a little after Christmas. The rumor mill has started to turn out some expectations too – whether the hope is to see all new features aimed at improving social media engagement, more unique options that will make online gaming with some of the favorites here at growing in popularity, or new features that enhance parts of the hardware that weren’t performing the best before. Where are the most prominent rumors currently sitting, though?

smartphone low battery

Smaller displays could be common

While Apple looks to be sticking with the standardized displays that have been on offer for quite some time, Samsung has traditionally pushed the bar here a little, but if the rumors are to be believed may be scaling back, an inch or two across the flagship line could be shaved off. It may bring an end to the phablet and oversized devices that have become more common in recent years.

Battery disappointment may come too

There have been a few rumors around potential change to batteries on the newest devices. The first set was aimed at the potential for faster-charging options, which have been confirmed somewhat for higher-end devices but with unlikely change to the mid-range options. The battery has been a heel for devices for quite some time; hoping that battery life would only improve over time could be a disappointment. Another rumor from a well-known source also suggests that some devices may have a smaller battery capacity than previous options. However, if the smaller display sizes are believed, this could also take away from some of the last power draws and extend device performance.

Some features are almost guaranteed to see change too. Smartphone cameras are one piece of tech that evolves every year. It seems the newer releases won’t be any different with more current configurations and more recent hardware. Similarly, the internal components also go through a significant change, and with many manufacturers looking to bring more elements in-house too, this is also something likely to see the difference, with hopes to see mobile performance continue to increase as users slow to upgrade regularly, these newer options may be the perfect time to get something new.

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