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Services provided

The software performs top-notch email verification that will improve your email marketing fast and at a reasonable price.

  1. Email Bounce detection

ZeroBounce will identify and remove addresses that will cause your emails to bounce. This will significantly improve your deliverability rate.

  1. Email Abuse & Spam Trap Detection

ZeroBounce will identify known email complainers (people who mark emails as spam) and eliminate them from your list, along with spam traps. This will ensure you a better sender reputation.

  1. Email Data Append

ZeroBounce will append to your list information about your subscribers, like their first and last name, location and gender. It also offers the option to add data like city, state/region and country, if the registration IP is provided.

  1. Disposable Email Detection

ZeroBounce will track down temporary email accounts created with harmful intentions.

  1. Toxic Domain & Catch-All Domain Detection

Nobody wants this type of email addresses in their list. ZeroBounce will identify and eliminate them, thus protecting you from threats.

  1. Email Validation API

ZeroBounce has its own email validation API that you can actually hook into your software to verify emails.

  1. Overview Reports

When the process of email verification is over, you receive detailed reports, so you can learn more about the quality of your data.

  1. Selectable download options

You don’t have to download all the information the software provides. You can select which file you wish to save on our computer.

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