Get more app downloads from the Google Play

Two reasons can cause a low number of app downloads from Google Play. First, if your app is too low at ranks and organic users can not find it. Second, your app is quite high at ranks, but its description and visuals are not attractive enough to catch users’ attention.  If you want to solve it and get more app downloads, you need to ASO your app store and promote your app by keywords. This strategy will help you save a significant part of your budget and draw organic traffic to the app. 

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Start with ASO

If you want to get more app downloads, help users to understand how great your app is. Change the description of your app, make it more amusing, and more client-orientated. Use all the keywords in description and titles, in this case, Google algorithm will associate them with your app, and you will not lose any search request. Another important part of improving the app store is upgrading your visuals. Icons and screenshots are the first things that customers’ eyes catch at your app store. That is why they are so important. Make customers want to try all the options of your app with colourful and attractive screenshots.

Keyword installs to boost your app to the top

After you have already improved your app store, you need to make it more visible. Otherwise, no matter how wonderful your app will be, it will be difficult to get more app downloads. Promotion by keywords is a fast and effective way to help your app raise in ranks. You choose keywords that you want to promote, and then real people download, open, and keep the app for a few days. Such a marketing strategy can boost your app to the top just in 7 days. That means that for real users, it will be much easier to find and download your app. 

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