Gambling 101: How to become a better gambler?

Gambling is a form of entertainment. However, more serious players take it as a challenge to beat the odds at casinos. Playing games at a casino requires you to take some risks. If played sensibly, you can even lower the house edge.

One of the most important skills to master is self-control and subtle facial expressions. You need to train your brain not to give in to the impulses, and maintain composure.

become a better gambler

According to casino experts, there are some brain hacks that can prove to be useful for most gamblers. These hacks will help you become smarter, increasing your chances of winning.

Here are the ten most successful hacks that you can try:

  • Remember that card games need mental dexterity

Gambling is more than just random results. Professional players know that memory, discipline and decisions with logical calculations play a huge role in turning luck in your favour.

The brain tends to forget information. Training your mind to remember more things is the most crucial part of becoming a successful gambler. It is best to leave old habits and learn new ones to train your brain to think in stressful situations at a casino table.

  • Frequent naps with complete body rest

Prolonged sleep deprivation results in low memory retention. Ensure you get plenty of rest and recharge your brain with the right amount of blood and oxygen. Memory consolidation, which is the placement of new memories in long term storage, is improved if you take naps every now and then. Researchers say that a nap of 30-40 minutes can improve memory retention by 25%.

  • Regular exercise

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body – we have been taught this from early childhood. Cardiovascular exercises help deliver oxygen to the brain. Vigorous walking, jogging, bicycling and swimming are excellent activities to keep you healthy.

Don’t forget to also exercise your brain. Learning to play a musical instrument, doing crossword puzzles, mastering different skills and learning a new language are great mental exercises.

  • Listen to music

Undoubtedly, music is an excellent source of relaxation. Listening to good music between game sessions will relax your body and mind. However, it may not be a good practice to have your earphones plugged in while you’re playing card games. You should be focused on your table and pay close attention to the moves by other players.

  • Eat a balanced diet

One critical hack is to eat light before your game. Eating a non-inflammatory diet such as a dairy-free, gluten-free diet helps to reduce brain fog. If you are planning a big game session, then eat something healthy beforehand. Avoid junk food at the mid of the game sessions in casinos, as this will result in lowered energy levels.

  • Postpone your gambling session if tired

If you are fatigued and haven’t slept well, then it may be the worst time to gamble. The less vigilant mind will not be able to take the right decisions and will result in giving more winning chances to the house.

  • No sexual intercourse before gambling

Gambling is also a form of sport, and sexual intercourse before any sport will make you tire quickly. Experts say that engaging in any form of sexual activity, prior to a long gaming session may negatively impact your game performance.

  • Vary your daily routine

Repetitive and habitual tasks make your brain lazy. Driving home after work every day eventually becomes a reflex activity, without the involvement of the brain. Experts always advise taking different routes or even public transports to tune your brain to think in multiple directions.

  • Develop a habit of laughing

This is more applicable in situations when you are feeling stressed. Laughter relieves stress when you have lost a hand at the casino table. Players at the poker table make themselves and even other players more stressed, by chasing their losses angrily. Laughter therapy is a good mind hack to make you become a more successful casino player.

  • Practice to achieve perfection

Gambling is about luck, but you can turn lady luck in your favour by persistent practice.. Practise free play at online casinos in India. Play card games online by opting for casinos that offer no-deposit bonuses and many other rewards, so that you don’t need to spend any money to enhance your gaming skills.


Make gambling fun. Stop chasing losses, or it may result in losing more money. Make sure you play smart regardless of what game you play. Prepare for your gaming session well in advance to use your brain in different directions, thus decreasing the house edge.

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