From a Newbie to a Wordsmith: 9 Lessons Essay Writing Can Teach You

Essay writing may seem daunting and tedious for many students until they learn to see the greater mission behind it. This activity teaches students to write well and clearly express their ideas, making sure their counterpart receives the right message. This skill is fundamental for both oral and written communication.


However, this is not the only benefit essay writing offers to students. In the article below, we discuss what lessons essay writing teaches you and why it is so important to work on your essays.

Essay Writing Teaches You to Appreciate Help

For many students, essay writing services are a lifesaver that keeps them sane. The academic burden is growing, students are getting busier, and this vicious circle is harder to break. For adult students and those combining work and studies, essay writing services are of great help.

However, students should get rid of the stigma that essay writing services exist only to hire my essay writing service to do the job. Today, academic services is a big industry with lots of players. They, subsequently, are in a tough competition.

Therefore, these companies strive to expand the list of services they provide and cultivate their positive image in the educational field. Students can really benefit from visiting their websites without paying a dollar.

Essay Writing Makes You More Literate

If you work on your writing assignments yourself, you inevitably get more skilled in writing. You learn to use new sentence structures, expand your vocabulary, and improve your grammar and spelling. Even if it is not an essay that you have to write, the positive effect of essay writing practice will be seen.

Therefore, essay writing turns you into a writing professional. You use appropriate words and style to meet the purpose of writing and the occasion. Thanks to this, the overall impression of your literacy and intelligence improves.

Essay Writing Helps You Become Organized

You’d be surprised but the growing pile of assignments actually teaches you to be organized. This skill is helpful at both school and work. For example, you learn to plan your homework so that you are on time with more complex and important essays as well as with short discussion boards.

Also, essay writing helps you prioritize your assignments. You check the deadlines and create a calendar, paying more attention to essays due on an earlier date.

taking notes

Essay Writing Teaches You to Research

If you work on your essays on your own, you definitely know how to search for information. You know the best online libraries and how to get access to them. You know where to look for scientific journals and books if they are not easy to find and access.

You learn to dig deeper to find an original source of information and prove your idea. Most importantly, you are taught to skim and scan the text, looking for the facts you need and ignoring useless information.

Essay Writing Develops Your Critical Thinking

Undoubtedly, different types of essays are directed at developing different approaches to writing. However, all of these assignments are aimed to develop your critical thinking skills.

You analyze the topic, formulate your opinion, seek facts and evidence, and then present them to the reader. The ultimate goal of every writing assignment is to make you think, assess, and evaluate facts, to form a reliable basis for your ideas.

Essay Writing Helps You to Filter Information

Every student must have heard about reliable and unreliable sources of information. Essay writing teaches you to filter credible information among thousands of data sources online. For example, you learn to disregard Wikipedia and similar websites, looking for books and journal articles. You learn to seek data in databases of organizations and with official websites.

Such an approach is very useful in the era of an abundance of information and fake news. You get less susceptible to false facts and wrong data as well as learn to build your opinion on solid grounds.

Essay Writing Makes You Read More

It is a well-known fact that teens are reading less nowadays. Gadgets take all their free time, so it is really hard to find a bookworm among GenZers. Colleges strive to revive reading, and essay writing is one of the ways.

Some of the essays are impossible to write if the source is not read and comprehended. For example, poem analysis or book summary. Such assignments literally push you into reading, and many students, eventually, find this activity pretty exciting.


Essay Writing Makes You More Aware of the World Around You

This benefit comes from the fact that if it were not for a school assignment, you would never inquire that much about the topic. Sometimes you get to write about something you already know, but sometimes it is a terra nova. You are to go up from the very beginning to understand it and write well.

As a discoverer, you learn things you haven’t been thinking about before. Your horizons broaden and you see a bigger picture. Whatever the subject is, it is always useful.

Essay Writing Turns You into a Better Speaker

Behind every great speech ever delivered from the stage, there are a ton of written drafts. The ability to express your ideas consistently in writing subsequently affects your public speaking and presentation skills. Such a set is useful regardless of the position you’re planning to take.

Even if we consider narrative essays instead of argumentative and persuasive ones, such essays teach you to structure your ideas logically so that the reader (or a listener) flows from one point of view to another. This consistency can help you with whatever job you decide to do in the future.

Final Words

Essay writing means much more for your development and growth than a couple of written pages may seem. The meaning of this assignment is detrimental, that is why it is so much loved and valued in the academic circles.

Our advice is for you to write as many writing assignments as you can to learn all those lessons above and maximize the benefit. However, do not forget that there is someone to ask for help and do not ignore using it when you need it.

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