Five reasons you should not buy Instagram followers

Instagram is now becoming one of the most popular social media apps. People use this app to share posts, content, videos, connect with old and new people, advertise their business or product, etc. However, Instagram is not just a social networking site for people or businesses anymore; now, they are starting to use it as a marketing device to become famous. The urge to get famous quickly and faster and beating competitors create a demand for buying Instagram followers.


 High Followers on your page or account will help attract more people to visit your account and follow you. Nowadays, buying Instagram followers has become trendy. It will help you to improve your credibility at less cost and help to promote you. But if Instagram detects your followers are fake, it will become dangerous and harmful for your credibility, or may they ban your account. So what are the reasons you should not buy Instagram followers? We will discuss this in this article later on.

Why Do People Buy Instagram Followers?

1. To Become Famous And Reputed: Buying Instagram followers help people to increase their followers within a few times without making more efforts on promotion to become famous. People with high followers having a strong reputation can achieve the trust of future followers and strong credibility. Today, Instagram’s high followers are a sign of your popularity and reputation among people. 

2. Help Improve Presence On Other Social Media Platforms: Popularity on one platform will also help people improve their presence or followers on other media. Buying Instagram followers helps you attract more people or followers, and that followers not only have accounts on one platform. Hence, they also start searching and following them on other platforms. By buying Instagram likes and followers, they get more followers and improve their presence on other social platforms. 

3. To Increase Sales: Many small businesses nowadays start marketing their business or product on Instagram. So buying Instagram followers help them to increase visits of people to their page, and it also affects or increases their product sales because high the followers and more the sales. So buying Instagram followers becomes the easiest and cheapest way for businesses to promote their business less and get high benefits. 

Five Reasons You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers:

1. Fake Followers Are Not Comparable To Potential And Loyal Clients And Customers: Organic followers are your brand and business’s real and loyal supporters, but fake followers are just like robots or useless. Because they only follow your page for the rush. They don’t have any emotional connection with you, and they only connect with you for money because they get money for attaching with you. Therefore, they do not have an interest in you and never buy your single products. Therefore, fewer genuine, real connected followers are better than fake followers. 

2. Fake Followers Will Be Purged By Instagram: Whenever Instagram detects that you have fake followers on your account, they will immediately purge fake accounts you have purchased. Instagram will remove all the fake followers one-by-one which you buy in the last three months. At that time, spending money on buying Instagram views and followers goes worthless, and you come back to that place from where you started earlier. Instagram is not dumb that you grow your followers from 10k to 50k just a few times, and they will not understand what is going on. So it’s better to increase your followers organically rather than growing them non-organically and then facing trouble. 

3. Increase In Worthless And Unsuitable Comments: Fake followers may also increase the useless commenting on your posts and videos. For example, suppose you are posting valuable and informative content on your page. Your fake followers start commenting funny and pick up lines or use worthless words; then, how do your genuine followers react?. These useless and inappropriate comments will negatively impact your account on your real followers, and they start losing their interest in your account or content. Of course, you can buy Instagram followers to attract more followers, but maybe these things become the reason for losing your old followers.

4. Instagram May Ban Your Account: If Instagram detects any mishappening or recognizes that anyone does not follow the rules there, then they will immediately ban your account. Instagram does not handle any questions on its framework. If people start reporting your page, then Instagram will investigate all the things, and if they detect any fraud, they will ban your account. 

Suppose you establish your business with lots of effort, then your little mistake of buying fake followers may ruin your reputation in the market and customers. 

5. There Is Less Engagement Of Fake Followers: Fake accounts only follow you because they get money. They never notice and like your content. If you are creating some content, what would you try to do? To give information and be aware of others, right? But your content goes worthless because your followers never read your content or bother it. 

 Suppose you have 40k followers, and you got only 60 to 70 likes. People will notice that thing and also try to figure out the reason behind it. Remember that your real followers are not dumb; they are enough to recognize the reason behind your fake popularity. Whenever they know about that through fake followers, you get this fame and name. They will unfollow you or may report your page. So with fake followers in the future, you will lose your trusted and real followers. Better to have real followers than fake ones. It will be best for your business reputation. 

What Things Should You Do Instead Of Buying Instagram Followers?

1. Routine Posts: Create a habit of posting at least one post a day so that your followers get connected and engage with you. More and more posts you post a day will help you be on the top of the feeds so many people follow and like your post, and even Instagram notice these efforts of people that how you try to stay engaged with your followers. So routine posts may become a reason for great results. 

2. Follow Trends: Nowadays, people love to see trendy videos. So try you should follow the trend and make videos or content according to the trends. It will help you to show on the feed, and more people will follow you. In addition, going with the trends gives you a chance to experience quick growth and go viral. For searching or knowing about trends, you may search from sites like HashtagsForlikes or Buzzsumo.

3. Use More And Right Hashtags: Instagram has a different page for every hashtag. Posts related to the tag are shown on their specific hashtags. So the use of the right hashtag for the post or content will help you reach more people and attract people to follow you. Using hashtags is the easiest and quick way to show your post on different-different pages.

4. Spend Money On Ads: If you have money to promote your page, spend it on ads rather than buying Instagram followers. Ads are the easiest way to target a high-scale audience.


No doubt, buying Instagram followers is an easy and quick way to grow and attract more followers. But it will become negative to you whenever Instagram detects your fraud. Then they will ban or remove your account or page. This thing creates a negative image in the eyes of your followers. So it’s better to make efforts to get more followers by doing organic things than non-organic ones.

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