Five interesting betting sections that you can put to the test while using a sportsbook

People from all over the world visit their favorite online bookmaker daily. Most of them bet for fun, but some people try to do this for a living. Whether this is a good idea is debatable, but there is no arguing that online betting will become even more popular several years from now.


Choosing one of the most appropriate iGaming operators is not easy because some brands offer more than just a regular sportsbook. Fortunately, special websites can help you choose the most suitable brand. Since some punters want to try other things besides wagering on sports, here are some popular betting categories you may have access to.

1. Esports

Everyone who likes online betting has noticed that even the best online betting websites allow their clients to wager on eSports. Interestingly, gambling fans who visit this website even have access to professional reviews of all sorts of bookies that offer eSports. In addition to the number of computer games, you can also learn more about the markets, the odds, and any features. Furthermore, Nostrabet has a special section to check the top-rated eSports betting brands. 

Wagering on eSports has its share of pros and cons, and the advantages outweigh the negatives, which explains why punting on computer games is becoming more popular every day. Besides the odds, bettors can also use different offers and an impressive array of features.

2. Virtual Sports

Since most iGaming operators do not have a special eSports category, punters can wager on those things from the sportsbook. As a result, they can get bored after a while. Fortunately, some of the leading names in iGaming available at Nostrabet also offer a special virtual sports section, where clients can wager on computer simulations.

The idea of wagering on virtual sports doesn’t seem attractive at first. However, once you realize its advantages, you will see why many people do that. Unlike the regular sports on which they are based, the virtual ones offer new matches every couple of minutes. Hence, customers can always wager on something, regardless of its time.

3. Scratch Cards

Besides a sportsbook and its different variations, iGaming operators sometimes offer different kinds of betting sections. The professional reviews offered by Nostrabet show that many of the leading names have a casino section. Interestingly, some brands even offer a stand-alone category called Scratch Cards.

These games are famous because they do not require any previous experience. People who want to put them to the test have to decide which scratch card they wish to use and see if they win anything. Usually, the scratch cards contain different symbols, and to win, players have to collect at least three or four of them. Sometimes, the scratch card even has additional bonuses.

4. Lotto

Another exciting section for online bettors that has been gaining more popularity in the last couple of years is called Lotto. Interestingly, there are two different kinds of lotto sections that you can find while using one of the sportsbooks available at Nostrabet. The first offers stand-alone lotto titles that allow punters to compete for small prize pools. However, the second option gives people the opportunity to participate in some of the biggest lotteries in the world. The prize pool can easily reach millions of dollars, making them attractive.

5. Aviator

The last section that is available to some online bettors is known as Aviator. The latter is relatively new in the iGaming business, but thanks to Nostrabet’s review, people can quickly check which bookie offers it. Aviator is a game where users have to bet on a plane. The idea is to place a bet and cash out before the plane crashes. If you do that, you will win the specific amount of money shown on the screen. Failing to settle your bet before the aircraft crashes means you lose.

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