Feature rich GUI based hardware programming tool from LabRecon

LabRecon empowers engineers, hobbyists, and students to create rich graphical interfaces for “remote” IoT (Internet of Things) or “local” measurement and control applications.  A drag-and-drop panel builder and graphical programming environment allow one to easily build an interface and create the operating logic for any project.  A USB connected “Breadboard Experimentor” circuit board provides the measurement and control link.

One powerful feature is the “Measurement Wizard,” wherein one can choose from a built-in database of over 500 commercially available sensors to automatically configure sensor configurations.  The wizard will further present circuits with component values for voltage and current measurements.

The “Breadboard Experimentor” incorporates a solderless breadboard to quickly build interface circuitry to sensors or output devices.  The on-board LabRecon chip provides many I/O options including 8 12-bit analog, frequency, and digital inputs.  Outputs comprise PWM, servo, frequency, and stepper motor signals.  Pins can also be configured to support 24-bit ADCs, 12 or 16-bit DACs, and port expanders.

As an alternative to the Breadboard Experimentor, LabRecon chips are available in DIP packages, which provide the same I/O functionality.

The software’s graphical programming feature uses Drag-and-drop functions, which can be wired together, to add analysis and control functionality to a project.  Algorithms can be further expanded using the “code link” interface to text-based languages such as Python, Java, C#, Visual Basic, etc.

LabRecon also comprises a server to allow access to the GUI that one builds by computers or mobile devices.  Furthermore, emails and text messages can be sent periodically or upon events.  The server also includes an MQTT broker to allow MQTT clients to share data with the software.

Without a Breadboard Experimentor or LabRecon chip, the software has powerful features that can be used for free.  Such features include simulation, the Measurement Wizard, and a serial monitor/terminal.

Feel free to check their Kickstarter campaign, which can be reached from the web site www.LabRecon.com

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