Expert Advice on Garden Fencing Options

Garden fencing is an important part of defining the boundaries of your garden or property and for security. It can also help you create sections within your garden, and help you divide or contain your outdoor space. It therefore has to look good, and ideally be easy to maintain.

The Need for a Garden Fence

For many homeowners, garden fences are essential for security, privacy, and decorative purposes. With so many types of fences to choose from, it’s easy to find a type that suits your overall decor, style, and budget. Whether you prefer the conventional hurdles style or the sturdy metal build, you’re spoilt for choice.

metal fence

If you’re on the fence (excuse the pun) about whether or not you need a fence in your garden, it may be worth looking at the several benefits of garden fencing, as outlined below by

Keeping Animals Out

Garden fencing is often the easiest and most effective way of keeping animals out of your garden. For instance, chicken wire fences can help keep out a range of animals, including foxes, rabbits, and other creatures. You can install the fence to an ample height to prevent the larger animals.

Protection from the elements

Wildlife and harsh weather can pose a serious threat to your garden. Fencing provides a barrier between strong winds and your plants. It also helps reduce the amount of sunlight that delicate flowers and veggies receive.

Keeping your pets out of trouble

If you have a pet, you may want your pet to have as much freedom as possible. However, leaving your pet unattended could be problematic, especially without a properly sized fence. Fencing will help keep your pet within the confines of your compound.


If you or your loved ones like to relax and unwind in the garden, you may want to maintain utmost privacy, especially if your garden is visible from the neighbors’ homes. This will also benefit your neighbor – no wonder people prefer having relatively tall fences in their gardens.

What’s the Best Garden Fence Material?

Garden fences are available in a wide variety of materials, including PVC, metal, hurdle fencing, and wooden fencing. Each option has a range of pricing, so anyone can find a solution for their budget. The right kind of garden fence for you will depend on how robust and durable you want it to be.

When considering your opinions, think of the level of privacy you want to create, how exposed your garden is to the elements, and how important it is that the fence stands the test of time. Here are some of the best garden fencing options to consider:

Close-board fencing

According to, close-board fences, also referred to as weatherboard fences, are a solid option. They are constructed with overlapping wooden feather-edge boards. They are ideal for back gardens as a medium-budget option. They are attractive, offer a great level of privacy, and provide shelter from frost and wind to delicate shrubs.

Picket Fencing

If you want the conventional yet decorative fencing option, then picket fencing, or timber palisade fencing, is a great option. These fences are mostly used in front gardens, where they offer a traditional aesthetic. If you’re the social type who likes to have a chat with your neighbors, then a picket fence would do well in the rear garden.

While wood is the more common material, picket fencing can also be made from PVC, making it a lower maintenance option. As a fencing option, picketing is low maintenance and less prone to wind damage with its space between timbers. However, it doesn’t offer as much protection to tender plants as other options do.

Hurdle Woven Fencing

This fence is made from woven hazel that forms a traditional pattern that only lets a small amount of light pass through. This makes it a great option for smaller gardens or those in need of a slight degree of shading. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to section off areas of larger gardens to create space for specific design features.

The pattern and texture give the fence a nice texture, which makes it seem less utilitarian and more decorative and welcoming. It’s also relatively easy to install and quite inexpensive.

Metal fences

Metal fences are generally strong and durable. However, their main purpose is security and making your garden border. They are also a great option for keeping pets and younger children safe. Plus, they typically don’t create too much of a barrier to obstruct any views that you might enjoy.

However, they do need a bit of maintenance to keep them in great shape. But you could always repaint them to suit the decor in the rest of your garden.

Ultimately, the best garden fence for you will depend on your budget, priorities, and the unique decor and characteristics of your garden.

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