Effective Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Networks

More than 82% of Internet users have social media accounts and use them for (at least) two hours a day. Russia ranks first in Europe in terms of the popularity of social networks. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, TV 13. Facebook gained 200 million users in less than a year.

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A growing number of users come to social networks not for communication but for information, as well as businessmen who understand that social media is an effective marketing channel. If you want to promote a project through social networks, get acquainted with four effective ways. If you need to make money quickly to promote your business, try the easy way – sports betting on the TonyBet website.

Content is the main promotion factor

Any SMM specialist will confirm that promotion tools are useless without quality content. If your brand’s page is boring, you should not count on the growth of the audience and its loyalty.

Three ingredients of good content:

  1. Uniqueness. The information you post should be relevant and engaging. Do not copy materials from other resources. The exception is cross-posting between the company’s blog and its page on the social network.
  1. Regularity. Articles should be published systematically. Two, three, four, or seven times a week – depending on the specifics of the business and its target audience. So, two or three updates will be enough for people from the business environment, and this is not enough for the beauty community. It is necessary to adhere to the chosen content strategy, regardless of the number of subscribers.
  1. Virality. Publications should be lively, causing an emotional response in the form of a burning desire to tell friends about them. Avoid overt promotional posts.

In addition, the generation of content for social networks has many features caused by the platforms’ specifics.


Targeting is the creation of an advertising message aimed at a specific part of the audience, depending on its interests, place of residence, and other criteria. Targeting increases the effectiveness of advertising.

The possibility of placing targeted advertising is available on almost all social networks. At the same time, targeted advertising in social networks is believed to be more suitable for the B2C sector. However, there are companies in B2B that effectively solve business problems through targeted advertising.

Some types of targeting:

    • Geographical (geo-targeting) – showing ads to residents of a certain region/city/district, etc. For example, you want to promote a beauty salon located in Amsterdam. Your targeted ad will be displayed to the residents of this city.
    • Socio-demographic – showing ads based on gender, age, marital status, and other social criteria. Thus, advertising for children’s and household goods is recommended to be placed on the pages of married women over 25, and advertising for an art store – on the pages of designers, architects, and decorators.
    • Contextual – displaying ads following the interests of the user. Membership in groups such as “Fashion,” “Shopping,” etc., clearly demonstrates the user’s interests. He will be interested in relevant advertising.
    • Behavioral – displaying ads depending on specific user actions (travel routes, favorite places, frequent search queries, etc.). Let’s say a person is fond of Latin American dances, goes to a salsa club, and looks for relevant videos – it is likely that he will be attracted by an advertisement for a last-minute tour to Cuba.

    Despite its apparent simplicity, targeting is a tool that requires serious preparatory work. First, you need to analyze the target audience of the brand. Second, create an ad.

    Community advertising

    Advertising in communities (in the professional language of SMMs – sowing) is the purchase of posting or reposting in popular communities. In the first case (buying a post), the advertiser’s goal is to increase traffic on the company’s website; in the second (buying a repost) – attracting users to a company group on a social network. At the same time, the more subscribers the community in which you buy a post has, the more expensive the advertising campaign will cost.

    You can negotiate directly with community owners or use the services of a special exchange. Advertising is placed by the community administration in its feed and, according to the conditions, must remain there for a day.

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