Did you know that Neodymium Magnets are a part of modern lives?

Neodymium is a chemical element with an atomic number of 60 and is classified under the lanthanide group. The lanthanides are known as the subgroup of rare earth metals with atomic numbers ranging from 57 to 71.

Neodymium Magnets

The strong magnetic field of Neodymium has led to its use in many modern-day technologies. For example, the health sector, automotive industry, renewable energy, and technology use neodymium magnets. The neodymium is the strongest magnet and known for its resistance to demagnetization. For this reason, this element can easily be found in all aspects of life, from everyday electronics equipment to industrial technologies. You might have one in your pocket and probably not know.

If you are curious to know about them, keep reading.

Hard Disk Drives

Each one of us uses hard drives to store data. Every single system that we are using has internal drive storage. However, we often use external hard drives to expand the storage. But have you ever wondered how they store data? Well, for this, ferromagnetic material present inside the hard disk is constantly magnetized or demagnetized.

Audio types of equipment

The headphones, speakers, acoustic pick-ups are a part of our daily life. We cannot imagine our lives without them. In speakers, the permanent magnet is used alongside the coil that carries current and converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. This results in an acoustic wave formation and thus produces the pleasant sound that we enjoy.


In the making of the jewelry pieces, small magnets are used. Counter-board neodymium has the strongest magnetic field, and therefore it is used to get the hold of the jewelry pieces.


When several teeth are missing, we prefer using dentures. Did you know that these permanent magnets are used for the attachments and holding the replacement dentures as well? Not only this, when coated, neodymium can resist corrosion. Even the tiny ones can be very effective. As mentioned here, https://www.stanfordmagnets.com/custom-neodymium-magnets.html, it is vital to carry out the pre-treatment process. Before installing Nd, it should be treated with Ni-Cu-Ni plating.

Home Improvements

There are endless uses of neodymium for home improvements. From the magnetic door catchers to the drawers, hanging pictures, and fixing your home’s furniture, it is widely used in day-to-day home fixtures. In the magnetic doors, these permanent magnets help in holding the weight of the door. Likewise, these magnets can also be attached to cupboards and wall art to keep them in place.

Motors and Generators

Electric motors are a blend of electromagnetic and permanent magnets such as neodymium. This converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. On the other hand,  the generators convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy with the movement of the conductor through the magnetic field.  These are some of the applications of neodymium magnets that we come across in our daily lives. From magnetic bearings to MRI scanners, levitation devices, lifting machinery, craft, and model making, there are a lot of other applications. The applications are wide and vivid. However, they are still a part of everyday technologies that we encounter all the time.

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