Connect Nokia 3310 LCD to LPT port

I found this circuit really simple and interesting. It is effortless to drive Nokia 3310 graphical LCD using a simple LPT cable and some PC software. First of all, connect graphical LCD to LPT port according to the following circuit:

The graphical display needs about 3.3V of supply voltage, while LPT gives about 4.5 -5V. This is why diodes are used to reduce voltage by the fo犀利士 rmula:

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  1. man you are great i must try this at home

  2. Great project! Can you please add some comments in source code?

  3. Thanks for publicize of my page (…
    Comment for source – for compile it you need modules
    “timer.pas” and “kbd.pas”
    Soon will be possible to download it (see my site)
    timer-is a replacement of PASCAL`s machine dependent “delay” function.
    kbd – provide simple access for BIOS int16 keyboard functions.

  4. Would it kill ya to comment your code man?

  5. I’m quite new on this area so I hope my question doesn’t make you too upset for probably being so dumb, anyway… I can’t figure it out where the ground connections are being made. Power supply is made by the parallel port, so I suppose that it go’s in some of the ground pins of the parallel port!? But than I see ground connection coming out directly from pins 21, 22, and 23… so, where should I connect the ground connections that we see in the schematics?

  6. Just connect all ground connections to LPT 21, 22, 23 pins and thats it.

  7. hi i want to know if 3310 LCD has backlight or Not. if yes then how to turn it ON.I have read datasheet of the controller there is no clue given for the backlight and in above Picture the LCD has backlight.And the other thing i don’t know Pascal that much but i do know C & C++ hoping for reply thanks in advance……..
    Technology Always Rules…………

  8. Chityala Shailesh

    Project is Great But Only Problem is Pascal Source Code.
    C Source would be far better One.
    I Hope to See, C Source Code Soon

  9. why do you have to use three LPT port data pins( pin 7,8,9 ) for power supply in the circuit?
    I think only one LPT port data pin used for power
    supply is enough.How do you think?

  10. thank u for ur project but i found the LCD.EXE file is not working on windows 2000 even after all the methods.please help me. hope a C code will be developed in this aspect.
    wat abt the pcd 8544 ? i found no connection of it in the circuit is it necessary or not?
    hope reply soon….!

  11. Try to contact author from (dima_2001_2001[at] )

  12. Hi,

    I’m trying to interface the Nokia 3310 LCD with my parallel port and I’m getting a very strange output. Please follow the link below to see the details.

    I’m not sure if the problem is in the program I’ve written with C#, or in the hardware.

    Can I send you the my program (with source code of course) and you could test it with your circuit ? I’ll modify the code to fit your pin arrangements, so you don’t have to do anything but compile and run it with your circuit.



  13. Best ever!!!
    Thanks, i used this concept to connect the nokia screen to my pic 16f627

  14. Man this is soooo great. This is what Ive been looking for. Thank you. Really! THANK YOU!

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  17. Hi i know i’m 14 yeas old but does this work on any black and white nokia glcd. I can’t find nokia 3310 lcd but i have nokia 6510 lcd it also has eight pins which i don’t know the order of its pin out. And can i control it via com port (i have windows xp). Can i aslo connet nokia 6610 lcd.

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