Common Causes of Mobile Phone Damage

Mobile phones have become extremely valuable because we depend on them so much, and we cannot afford to have them damaged. Nobody wants to drop their phone and break it or accidentally spill a glass of water on it. Knowing how to avoid the most common causes of phone damage will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially for people who are prone to dropping their phones often and end up paying large bills for repairs or replacements. 

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Here, we give you some of the most common reasons people tend to break or damage their mobile phones.

Exposure To Water Damage

When smartphones are submerged in water, the damage reaches their electronic components and sometimes the motherboard, which leads to water damage. Even smartphones that are designed to be water-resistant can be severely damaged if they fall into the water. This also depends on how long the phone has been underwater. This is why it is recommended to dry your phone off as soon as you pick it up and shut down all of its functions to prevent short circuits that can damage its components. 

Accidental Drops

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Dropping your phone without protecting a strong phone case can expose it to a lot of damage, including screen cracks and internal destruction if you drop your phone. Simultaneously, on your way to work, for example, this can be a bit of a problem because you will probably have no time to take it to be repaired. If you live in Croydon, for instance, this might not be a problem. Regardless of where you drop your phone, some services for mobile phone repair in Croydon can come to you in a van wherever you are. Whether at work or home, these services allow mobile repair facilities to be portable and reach you anywhere without looking for a store. In any case, the best way to protect a mobile phone from drops is by having a rugged phone case that can decrease the damage once it hits the floor. 

Putting Smartphones in Back Pockets

Placing your phone in your back pocket increases the risk of breaking or dropping it in the toilet. People who do this often break their smartphones after sitting on them while not realizing they placed their phones in their back pockets. Additionally, if you fall, chances are the ground is hard enough to break the screen of your phone at the very least. So it goes without saying that putting your phone in your back pocket makes it more prone to damage and may cost you a lot when having to repair it after dropping it on the bathroom floor, for instance. Using a phone repair tool might also be useful in fixing it.

It can be challenging to repair a broken phone, and most people would rather replace their phones after damaging them instead of paying repair fees. In other words, careless handling of these sensitive devices can cost you a phone. This is why it is safer to acknowledge the habits that lead to damaged phones and avoid them to protect yourself from being replaced or repaired. It is also important to get your phone a strong phone case to prevent hitting the ground too hard and cracking the screen. 

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