Clarity in essay writing

After you submit it, your essay will be one in a large stack given to a reader or readers. In the case of college admissions, readers will have so many essays to read that they will spend only a few minutes on each. Exit and SAT essays will receive somewhat more time and attention, but it still holds that one reader will be responsible for a large number of essays. That is why it is imperative that you not only impress your reader(s) with your unique take on a topic, but also say exactly what you mean as clearly and, in many cases, as concisely as you can.

Your essay goal is to convey information, including the fact that you can write well. That  goal won’t be achieved if your readers don’t understand your first few sentences or paragraphs, and stop reading, or if they finish reading but fail to grasp your message. Learning how to be a clear and accurate writer will help make your essay readable, and will guarantee that those who read it understand exactly what you mean to say. The five guidelines in this chapter show you how to clarify your writing. If you are facing some problem in essay write. You can choose a writing company for write your essay. You can visit for more details for get help in essay writing.

Ambiguous means having two or more possible meanings. Ambiguous language can either be words and phrases that have more than one meaning, or word order that conveys a meaning different from the one intended by the writer.

Example: The quarterback liked to tackle his problems.

This sentence can be read two ways: the quarterback likes to deal with his problems, or his problems are his opponents on the field whom he grabs and knocks down. This kind of confusion can happen whenever a word has more than one possible meaning. The quarterback liked to address his problems is a better sentence, and is unlikely to be misunderstood.

Example: My advisor proofread my essay with the red sports car.

Here, the word order of the sentence, not an individual word, causes the confusion. Did the advisor proofread the essay with his car? Because the phrase with the red sports car is in the wrong place, the meaning of the sentence is unclear. Try instead: My advisor with the red sports car proofread my essay.

Clarity in essay writing also involves the thoughtful use of modifiers, which make your point clear and add meaning and originality to your piece. One way to accomplish this is to use powerful and specific adjectives and adverbs. Consider the difference between these sets of sentences:

Sentence A: My grandmother put on her sweater.

Sentence B: My grandmother put on her cashmere sweater.

Sentence A: The football team practiced in the rain.

Sentence B: The football team practiced in the torrential downpour.

In both cases, sentence B allows you to hear the “voice” and impressions of the writer, giving a more accurate and interesting picture of the action. The first sentences are dull, and don’t give the reader much information. The right modifiers (adjectives and adverbs) can also get your message across in fewer,

more accurate words. This is critical in an essay with a specified length. You don’t want to sacrifice unique details, but sometimes one word will do the job better than a few.

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