Choosing a Customizable Portal for Students

Technology has changed, and gone are the days when students received their grades via mail. Nowadays, most schools and universities have a portal where students and parents can log in for all the data ranging from results to fee arrears.

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Finding an excellent customizable portal for students is essential for any educational institution. There are many apps on the market, including premium and freemium versions. You need to consider various features before settling on the best portal app.

This article will feature some of the best features you should consider when looking for an excellent customizable student portal.

Excellent Dashboard

It is great to have a one-stop page where users can get a summary of their fees, upcoming events, messages, and fees arrears. This excellent and powerful feature will help make it easier for students and parents to manage and overview many things under one page.

The dashboard should also be customizable so users can organize their to-do lists and other essential things. You can navigate this website for an overview of one of the best student portals available.

Cross-Platform Ability

Nowadays, people access the internet using various devices. Statistics show that most people access the internet via their smartphones and tablets. Here is where cross-platform ability comes in handy. The portal needs to be accessible both on PC and smartphones.

A good portal should be available on all three platforms: web, Android, and iOS apps. This will allow parents and students to access the app on all devices. The web version also needs mobile-friendly, which we will discuss further in this article.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

A good website needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly, meaning that users can access the portal on their smartphones or tablet without the page looking weird. Ideally, this should be the minimum when choosing a customizable student portal.

As mentioned earlier, many people visiting the portal will do so via smartphones or tablets. Also, check on the performance: how fast does the site load on a smartphone? All these small details are essential for user experience.

Communication Features

Schools will use their portal to communicate with both parents and students. Students will always rely on the portal for all information about the school. So, it is always essential to have good communication features on the platform.

The best communication features include an in-mail service, SMS and text messages, and announcement banners. All these are part of the comprehensive communication features that will help create a good relationship between the school admin and other relevant parties (students and parents).

Wrapping Up

A good student portal should help make student life easy. There are plenty of open-source customizable portals for students that you can get and customize if you have a team of developers. However, you can also go for premium versions that come with all the best features needed on a student’s platform.

Also, before launching the app, it is essential to let the relevant parties try it out. Ask for their views about user experience and what features they would like added. Over time, you can customize the app to meet all user needs.

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