Can a Dissertation Be a Help in Getting a Job?

The final year dissertation is often the most challenging project in your college career. But, the question remains: Is this challenging work worth the potential benefits for your future? There is no definitive answer.

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True or false? A final dissertation will place you ahead of other candidates in your job search. Everyone can have their own answer, and it really is no common one. Someone who whore a piece that is connected to the dream job can say that yes, it is useful. The other one may order their piece from the best UMI dissertation services and have no clue of what is written. So, this opening statement is true or false depending on the look at the various aspects of writing dissertations.

An article in The Wall Street Journal reveals that many skills employers seek when looking for the right candidate include skills that can be used to write that difficult final dissertation. Employers surveyed said that the top three skills they seek when hiring are critical, problem-solving, and independent thinking. Employers also believe that these skills are the most important skills for recent college graduates.

If you are able to write well-researched pieces, it can show that you have the talents. Employers will also notice that your dissertation shows you are willing and able to do more than what is required. Many undergraduate programs don’t require you to write a final-year dissertation. A dissertation is a demonstration of perseverance, self-motivation, and commitment. Writing your dissertation will give you amazing skills that you can use throughout your career.

You can even learn and become an expert in your field. Your dissertation should be geared towards the career you want to pursue. Write a piece about social media if you want to become a social media coordinator at a large company. Write a dissertation about firm culture and productivity if you are interested in becoming an account executive in a public relations agency. Employers will be impressed by your knowledge and passion for the field.

You may be wondering, “Where is the contradiction in this statement?”

If you’re applying for your dream job, a standard dissertation written on a topic that is not well researched will not make you stand out. So if you are a student now, you can learn from the best dissertation writing services and write a killer dissertation. While you might still be able to employ your skills, your dissertation must be well researched and well written. It should also be on a topic you are passionate about in order to impress employers.

While dissertations aren’t guaranteed to get you the job, they can help you land the job interview. Employers believe that student involvement and industry experience play a greater role in the hiring process. Employers are more likely to hire someone with professional experience than someone who wrote a dissertation. Employers will not hire you if you’re not a qualified candidate, despite the dissertation you wrote and worked hard on in your last year of school.

Writing a dissertation can help you gain valuable skills and be an expert in your field. However, it is not enough to land your dream job. Participation in student organizations and relevant work experience can often be just as important in landing the job you want with your dream company.

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