Can a Career in Data Be Sexy?

Data, the raw information obtained through channels like statistics, reports, surveys, and any other form of information-gathering procedures, holds the key to positively impacting the success and performance of any company or organization. With that kind of power and all of the unique potential its proper use and direction can produce, data is both smart and sexy. In fact, there are many new technology-driven career paths that have risen over the past decade boasting attractive titles like architect, engineer, designer, and scientist. These are all linked to data and the processes or hardware used to harness it.

 Desire-Driven Paths

When you think technology, as it relates to data, is there a direction your mind guides you to? Consider all of the avenues that data can take you down. Whether your heart lies in becoming a

·      Data Architect – the guardian over the data collected in databases and systems, ensuring the information is correct and easily available

·      Computer Network Architect – establishing networks for computers and data, keeping these networks updated and properly maintained

·      Site Reliability Engineer – overseeing the websites for companies, using various program languages, keeping websites efficient, streamlined and relevant to current trends

·      User Interface Designer – focusing on the user’s interaction with software, creating and designing improvements to enhance the user’s experience

·      Data Scientist, deemed the sexiest job of the 21st Century, – assembling, containing, and using data from every part of an organization and establishing a model of how the data obtained relates and affects the company

Attractive Payout

The range of positions available can definitely fulfill any area of data that you find appealing. Additionally, the salaries for these careers vary. Depending on your choice of vocation and the direction you desire to take, the salary potential varies anywhere from $60,000 to 120,000 annually. Because technology and data impact nearly every form of life and business, your desired area of expertise can easily fit into any field from healthcare to hospitality to marketing and everywhere in between. With the right education, training, and opportunity, falling in love with your chosen profession is a sure thing.

Fulfilling Future

Of course, researching your prospective vocation is the first important step. Decide where you want to live, what type of industry you want to be a part of, and what area of the enticing fields of data you desire. After you are clear on the details and you have obtained the right qualifications, then it’s time to get serious about your goals. Opportunities like data scientist entry level jobs are hot on the current job openings list, as well as so many other data jobs. Now is the time to fulfill your professional desires.

 Discover the appeal of the world of data and see how it touches every part of life and business. There are so many different ways to manage and direct data to enhance and develop businesses. Using your strengths and natural talents along with the appropriate education and training, find the perfect match to take your career into the fast track of today’s world of technology.

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