Buying Guide for Ethanol Extraction Equipment

The ethanol extraction method is today most associated with CBD, although its application is significantly broader. You can find more about this ethanol on this site. This extraction method aims to use a food-grade solvent to get the valuable content from the plant material.

Ethanol Extraction Equipment

The process itself is simple, even for home use, especially if you have specialized extractors. Experts generally recommend the use of chilled ethanol, which is an excellent solvent. It strips off all beneficial compounds from raw plant materials. The final step is the elimination of alcohol from the solution. You have to start with the proper equipment.

Know What You Need

The alcohol extraction equipment available on the market is quite diverse. The devices you will use for home use are far simpler and more modest than those used in labs, but they are equally effective. All that matters is that you know what you need.

What equipment you buy depends on what plant material you are extracting. In principle, there are open and closed setups. As their name suggests, the open ones do not keep the vapors inside but release them directly into the air. These circuits are not handy if you plan to extract THC and CBD, as the odor will spread very quickly. If you make tinctures based on medicinal herbs, open-loop extraction sets will do.

Close setups are slightly more complicated circuits because they have an additional task: retaining vapors and converting them back into ethanol. This alcohol is reusable, bringing savings if you plan to extract a larger amount of plant material. Also, such extractors reduce the risk of fire and retain odors.

Find Reputable Sellers

Once you know your needs, the first step is to check with the manufacturers and authorized dealers. The variety of prices may confuse you because it is not always the rule that a cheaper extractor is worse than a more expensive one. Also, even the costliest devices are not of the highest quality.

Do not be exclusive with the price. It will depend on what you need and the compound that needs to be extracted. The more processes a device runs, the more expensive it will be, but it is still a better solution than making an extraction circuit (connecting chillers, extractors, collectors, etc.).

Instead of product prices, focus on the reviews that certain brands and online stores selling ethanol extraction equipment have. Look for specialized forums or blogs where you can get advice for buying extraction equipment. Pay attention to brands or products with a lot of negative comments.

Find Out Extractor’s Features

Since ethanol extractors cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars or more, you should not risk losing money by buying untested products. The best way to ensure peace of mind is to buy devices from manufacturers or sellers that offer a minimum one-year warranty.

Also, before you purchase any ethanol extractor equipment, make sure that you carefully read the user’s manual. Most people who buy these extractors never read the instructions. That is a big mistake and can end up costing you more money in the long run. If you are not familiar with how the equipment works, then you need to be careful.

Check the page below to find out the benefits of CBD obtained by ethanol extraction:

If you have any questions about operating the equipment, ask the seller before purchasing to make sure that they have answered all your questions. That will also give you an idea of how a particular company treats buyers and what its customer service is.

Be Careful with Online Purchase

Ethanol Extraction Equipment

When you are ready to purchase ethanol extractor equipment, it is a good idea that you do the research first. You can buy these devices from many different places, both in your local area and online. Just make sure that you do not buy poor-quality extractors from online vendors just because they are cheaper. These machines are not made to last and will most likely need repairs shortly.

But if you still want to buy ethanol extractors online, make sure that you purchase from a company that has been in business for a while and has a good reputation. Do not play around because quality extractors do not come cheap. Find out if the seller sends a courtesy email to their customers when their equipment needs servicing.

Should You Buy Used Equipment?

If you are planning to buy on a budget, consider used extraction equipment. While they may be less reliable than new ethanol extraction equipment for sale, second-hand extractors can bring you significant savings. But it is necessary to find them in excellent conditions, even though it means a slightly higher price for a used device (it is still much cheaper than new equipment).

Many people refrain from using ethanol for extraction in their homes since it is a very flammable substance. But its low price and efficiency usually prevail. With skillful and safe handling and quality equipment, the risks are drastically reduced.

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