Buy the Right Bouquet for your Wedding

Wedding bouquets are the center of attraction at any marriage function. It is the most vital accessory the bride must carry. It forms a part of the tradition that has been followed for years. The bouquet can vary among brides, but no bride walks on the aisle empty hand. If you are going to get married soon, you must plan what flowers you want in your wedding bouquet. When you are looking to buy a wedding bouquet in Singapore, you would get several options to choose from. As several flowers are available on the market, a wide variety of bouquets can be made using them. Apart from the flowers, you would also have to make some other decisions like the size of the bouquet. Similarly, the type of bouquet you will carry is also essential to decide. Let us discuss them in more detail below.

wedding Bouquet

Talking about flowers, there are several options available that you can choose. You should know that not every flower fits to be included in the wedding bouquet. You should find out the ones that would look the best on you. Many brides do not consider that flowers should be chosen according to the bride’s look. The bride-to-be’s physical characteristics and wedding gown are the deciding factors for picking up the right flowers for the bouquet. Roses, carnations, lilies, gerberas, tulips, and orchids are among the most popular options. You can choose to get a bouquet full of a single flower or an assortment of different flowers. Make sure to choose a mix of flowers that would look good and not odd. Furthermore, when you choose a bouquet, they would also come with foliage and fillers that would complete the look.

When you have decided on the types of flowers you want in the wedding bouquet, you must decide their size. There are no one size fits regarding wedding bouquets. You would have to find the one that complements you the best. The size of the bouquet should be proportionate to your body size. So, if you have a full body, go for large-sized bouquets; if you are slim, smaller bouquets would look better.


When you want a wedding bouquet for your marriage function in Singapore, you will find a reliable and trustworthy florist. Although you would find several florists around you, it is not suggested that you buy from any random seller. You should ask for recommendations from ladies around you that got married recently. If they have bought good bouquets from a reliable florist in the past, they will help you buy an excellent bouquet for your wedding. You can look up online on the local search engine if you do not get suggestions from people around you. Before you buy from any florist, make sure to check reviews written about them by their past clients. It will help you know more about their stock, how fresh the flowers are, and how presentably good the bouquets are.

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